Has anyone here had experiences with hydrafinil / fluorenol?
I personally haven't tried hydrafanil yet and I've only tried the "dark" adrafanil (I've heard the pinkish or orange stuff is inferior quality). That said, I've heard from a lot of people it's really subtle. I didn't even notice it working until I looked up and BOOM an 11 hour work day passed in a moment.
Hydrafanil is good but it doesnt last long. Adrafinil is better and CRL-90,490 is even better.
I obtained hydrafinil(fluorenol). I enjoy the subtle increase of wakefulness and a subtle mood and cognition boost. The dose range I try is 50mg to 125mg. It lasts around 4 hours. There's some rebound sleepiness at doses of 100mg and above when it wears off.
hydrafinil will keep me awake for four hours at a time, still tired but not asleep. I still use it if i need an extra 4 hours in my day lol, might be a case if a person is a non responder to one, the other works great... We will have to pay attention!

Modafinil puts you at 300% productivity, which might be addictive to some. Fluorenol hydrafinil is faster acting, with a faster crash. I would think that aspect would actually cause hydrafinil to be the more addictive one, as it would cause re-dosing more often. I personally did not like it because it made me crash too hard. Modafinil brand I've tried and satisfied with is Modalert from NeoModafinil

Hydrafinil is a made-up name from ceretropic to make it seem like it's similar in structure to the finils. Fluorenol is not a finil, it's just sort of similar in action and cheaper.
Yeah I read it was a made up name at one point but I thought i saw it on Wiki as also called Hydrafinil. But I guess not. God its weird it was used an insecticide back in the 30's . Kind of creepy.
It works well at 150mg. But it only lasts 3-4 hours and is followed by a drained feeling. You could divide the dose and take it three times a day (3 x 50mg) for a subtle effect.
"Hydrafinil" (9 - Hydroxyfluorene) arrived today. That's 50mg in the photos. The substance has the strangest texture I have encountered, clumpy but fibrous - reminds me a bit of halva or persian fairy floss. It formed some big clumps and also long fibers. The consistency of the Hydrafinil powder was a bit off-putting and made me a bit suspicious as it's very different to the fine powders I am used to seeing in synthetics. It causes an unpleasant burning sensation when left in the mouth and a light but chemical after taste.
At 2 doses of 50mg spaced 5 hours apart results have been mild, I sense maybe a calming and focusing effect? But it is a subtle effect at best and could be placebo. It is not comparable to the drive and motivation or buzz/stimulation I have found with Modafinil or a cup of percolated coffee. It is described as a eugeroic - wakefulness promoting agent and while I don't feel sleepy and don't imagine I could easily fall asleep right now, I don't feel especially awake.
PS I didn't notice any reduction in appetite or temperature elevation either.
Hydrafinil looks like paper that went through the washer and dryer. Leaves a slight numbness to my tongue. Taste is not too bad. I tossed and washed. Come up was half an hour or so. Took Hydrafinil at 8:30 am on empty stomach then ate. Good energy all day. A little dip around lunch then a bit of a rebound. It's 6:30. Still feel effects somewhat but coming down. No crash yet. Don't expect one now. Seems a legit replacement for Modafinil at a cheaper cost.
Hydrafinil is great, but expect to crash after about 5 hours. It's a smooth descent, but you want to prepare for it
I've taken Hydrafinil for 4 days and each day it gets better and better and better. It lasts about 10-12 hours now. I tested it on Candy Crush yesterday... Omfg. In less than an hour I was able to go from level 38-47 with 3 stars in each level using only one try each. I can picture the moves in my mind much more clearly than I could before. This is one of the best nootropics I've tried so far.

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