Does anyone have experience with taurine? im taking 3 grams with magnesium and have been feeling sick afterwards but it's funny because u feel light headed but still energetic. kind of an uneasy feeling in the head/stomach but that might be the magnesium.
I tried straight Taurine powder once. I cannot definitively say it did anything. I would have try it again to know for sure so if you wait a few days, I might know more. The research I did suggested it is an essential amino acid for cats but it is not known what it does in humans but has been reported to give more energy.
the anxiety page at longecity talks about taurine... I found that I don't do well with high/low mixed.. (don't know what they are called).. When I need a stimulator, I do much better without adding a n opposite agent to "bring it down"... I have a day mix (up) and an evening mix (down)
Taurine is basically a buffer in the brain of sorts. Perhaps that buffering effect is synergizing with the NMDA antagonism of the Mg, which is causing the euphoria you're describing.

And you're very on point with the fact that it is far better when you can plan supplementation so that you don't have to take a sedative to counter a stimulant. Rigorous exercise, for instance, is a great way to try and reduce tolerance on sedatives, especially if you're taking stimulants during the day. Making the drugs fight each other like that weakens the brain's ability to do the same thing, leading to energy and mood fluctuations.
Taurine is essential for heart function as well as a host of other bodily functions. One of its primary roles is for skeletal muscle function.
An essential nutrient.
Consider it if you experience lots of cramps.
Beta alanine and taurine use the same transporter in the body, so make sure for optimal intake to take them 12 hours apart.
I use it in exactly the same situations as Theanine. Good combo with Coffee and extra euphoria experience from booze (which also augments Taurine levels)
A lot of Taurine its effects seem to have to do with skeletal muscular functioning and the development of the nervous system see reddit info. It is in fact present in the brain after admission (crosses the BBB), and has roles in LTP and membrane stabilization. -- I'd call it a nootropic definitely, and have used it in the past for nootropic reasons.
I like to take taurine with pre workout stacks as I think it draws in fluid to cells and I seem to get a good pump. It also seems to create a wider homeostasis level with other stimulants like caffeine. And seems to relax a little too. And my eyes have been less tired.
I take taurine 3 or 4 times a day, everyday for some time now. I have read its good for the heart. Its also good as a neurotransmitter to sleep.
It gives me energy to do things. And makes caffeine much much better, i cant take caffeine without taurine
Everything I read online points to Taurine preventing arrythmias and heart problems but who knows. It warrants looking into more deeply.
Definitely look more indept on Taurine adverse effects because A fib and V tach are no joke. The heart muscles fail to coordinate properly so not enough blood gets pumped into circulation depriving organs including the heart of oxygen (can lead to heart attack). Not to mention, the blood isnt moving around as much so they pool and form clots which may dislodge and end up in your lungs or brain (stroke!) And the V tach might progress to V fib which is a step closer to asystole or X.X death.
energy drinks actually contain a good amount of Taurine. 1000mg in a can. they use the 12.5 mg to 1 mg taurine/caffeine ratio
Any endogenous compound we produce is in fine balance. Our physiology is like a perfectly balanced chemical tank. So if you mess with the balance without knowing exactly what you are doing to your body, you risk imbalance and very dangerous ill effects. Until we understand 100 % how our physiology works, you are just Gambling. It's your experience. You know what happens in Vegas, right ? How many people really make good living by gambling in Vegas ? less than 0.0001%
Taurine is legit, but it enhances the effects of things like caffeine, citruline, and creatine, by increasing nitrogen. So arrhythmia can result from any combination of these, but usually results from insufficient oxygen in certain areas. Just drink water and stretch/stay active.
I can't believe someone can so adamantly say over and over that taurine is so lethal it can cause you to drop dead and only (eventually) provide a single link to an article that doesn't provide sources either or even say what he was saying. We know taurine is great for various reasons, /i have my personal experience with taurine, if it turns out to be bad in another way that's very interesting information, but why would anyone expect someone to just take someones word for it? And from someone that claims to be a research scientist that does clinical trials for a living of all people. I find it hard to believe a real scientist would act like that, so I think we're dealing with someone who's delusional
Taurine (/ˈtɔraɪn, -ɪn/), or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the large intestine, and accounts for up to 0.1% of total human body weight. Given that it can constitute up to 0.1% of body weight it can't be THAT lethal, but again you'd have to supplement a huge amount to change the balance significantly.
Taurine is Bull Urine. Its literally, in the name.

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