Experiences with Ashwagandha in treatment of OCD?
The anti-obsessive effects are detectable?

Yes I use the 6 or 66 version - sorry memory sux - it's one for life extension - I dropped my OCD and anxiety morning pill - I also take a high strength vit b with rhodilia and a few other bits and pieces but it def has made a difference for me - I heard maybe nac could be good too but haven't looked into it yet


Ashwagandha is great, but, for OCD, you're better bet is n-acetyl-cysteine(NAC).


Supposedly, low dose naltrexone (LDN) is also meant to help with OCD.


First try raising serotonin (L-tryptophan), then try a natural uncompetitive NMDA antagonist (magnesium in L-threonate form, as that makes it to the brain), then try N-acetyl selank (+ memantine if it doesn't work well enough). Also, add magnesium (oil spray) and a good multivitamin like AOR Ortho-Core or Life Extension Mix.


I use memantine successfully to manage my OCD. Nothing else (ssris, etc) I tried seemed to make a significant difference. My old (great) psychiatrist suggested it to me and put me on it originally.


Ksm-66 really feels like a benzo to me and that's just a cheap Swanson one I bought to try it out. I couldn't take it due to the potentiation of my actual benzo but due to that I can vouch for its effectiveness at calming the mind.

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