Anyone try out this Geniux pill? Looks like overhyped BS, but contains the following:
Alpha GPC: This assists in improving neurotransmission, which in turn enhances healthy cognitive functioning.
Tyrosine: Tyrosine is useful during the manufacture of chemical messengers in the body, which improves one’s mental concentration.
Bacopa Monnieri: It increases the flow of blood into the cerebral cells, hence increasing one’s level of cognitive functioning.
Vinpocetine: For brain to work efficiently, energy is required. Vinpocetine enhances use of glucose in the brain cells, hence increasing energy availability.
Gaba: Gaba inhibits development of extreme excitement that causes lose of focus and concentration. It is responsible for maintaining alertness and focus.
Huperzine A: This ingredient improves memory retention ability, as well as enhancing learning and alertness capabilities for both old and young individuals.
Any thoughts on Geniux pill? Experience? I've heard of all of these substances but I'm fairly new to studying nootropics so I'm looking for feedback...
Hve no experience but all very solid ingredients imo. Will depend on dosing of course
Decent ingredients, one could tweak it better oneself though, and it would be cheaper
Alpha-GPC works for me, huperzine A cannot confirm any effect, tyrosine I'd swap for NALT, bacopa monnieri is solid. The other two I have no experience, but I think there was a reason I've never tried Gaba.

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