Ginkgo Biloba Vs. Vinpocetine vs. Huperzine A
I'm looking for a non RACETAM to support memory.
Huperzine is your best bet
Agreed on Huperzine out of those three, although many people also get good effect from combining Ginkgo and Ginseng. Long-term Bacopa is quite promising as well, good amount of data to support it. Intellect Tree Seeds have had some good reviews from people who tried them, I am planning on ordering some soon.
Bacopa is incredible. Himalaya Herbs is my favorite brand by a long shot. Trust an Ayurvedic brand for an Ayurvedic herb!

Ginkgo and Vinpocetine primarily work on cerebral bloodflow, which is cool and all, but not most people's issue. Hup A you build a tolerance to fairly quickly, and many people have mood issues with it, myself included.
Interesting... I'd like to try Huperzine
What I might have to do is buy both Huperzine and Bacopa to see which works best
Huperzine A seems like the best choice for a memory/energy boost. I take it or bacopa a few times a week, when needed. I take ashwagandha and ginkgo daily. Bacopa is something I take a bit more because it seems to have a holistic effect. An increase in cerebral blood flow, ach inhibition, choline transfer and antioxidants.
+1 for bacopa.

I don't recommend ginkgo or vinpo long term as they are affecting brain blood pressure. Long term huperzine I'm not so sure about either but should be ok with low dose and usage cycled off often.

Check out "intellect tree" seeds.

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