I'm looking for some insight. I've landed on Noopept as my cognitive enhancer to help me balance and succeed at school, work, and managing my side business. I am having trouble picking out the 'best' choline source. I have been doing research trying to sort it out but am getting pointed in every which direction. I have ran across an article that linked supplementing choline to increase in appetite. I'm overweight and am dieting to counter it. I'm concerned about that as my will power is not fantastic at this point in my diet. Perhaps that article was totally off center? Does anyone have any recommendations towards a good choline source to stack with noopept?
Noopept will aid with weight loss and increase energy, however some people, myself included wind up with short term memory or attention issues as a side effect. Your best bet would be lecithin caps as a choline supplement just avoid soy as it can increase estrogen
Phosphatidyl choline works best for me, but I'd never do Noopept as part of a regular stack. The required dose gets too high. I save Noopept for unexpected crisis situations that require two or three hours of top brain performance.

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