Was at a party last night and found myself around friends who got complete shit faced, so I ran to the store to find some activated charcoal and NAC to help with the hangovers. Then started thinking. What's the perfect hangover stack?
My thoughts are, chug water, take NAC, Activated Charcoal, and a Multivitamin. And throw up what you can while staying hydrated. Then coffee in the morning.
I do FLmodafinil and Noopept and it completely negates hangover. Come to think of it the alcohol buzz is significantly altered to a mushroom/alcohol type experience. Then if you consume higher end dose along with a high dose of beer and tequila all or any physical pain will feel like pleasure. You will then flex and twitch just to feel the pleasure of the pain. The weirdest thing I ever felt. I have cronic plantar fasciitis and piriformis syndrom and it really was weird enjoying the pain. It was like a switch that turned on at one distinct point/level of the liquor intoxication. I am a little reluctant to replicate this but kinda curious also..
Truely the best hangover cure is to simply drink as much clean water as you can swallow as soon as your done drinking. Alcohol simply dehydrates the brain and well a dry brain is a dry brain.
Don't know about perfect but mine NAC, B-Complex, Vitimin C (taken ever couple drinks), charcoal. And if I know I probably screwed and willing to take the hit to the liver, a couple over the counter pain pills. I heard Tim Ferris say a few days ago that a couple grams of lysine does something that can prevent a hangover
NAC+B Complex+Vit C before start drinking.
Quercetin pills and ALCAR while drinking works well for hungover also.
Milk Thistle while drinking, andrographis paniculata works well.
NAC+B Complex+Vit C before drinking
Quercetin+ALCAR+Milk Thistle+Dihidromyricetin+Andrographis, make some pills with all these and you will be free of hungover or at least with less hungover in the morning.
I always use milk thistle and now also NAC before drinking. Kinda cool to think you could probably handle poisonous mushrooms with that combination too! (though course do contact medical professionals if you're ever in that situation)
If I forget to do eat enough first, drink water, electrolytes, B's, NAC, etc (bc I'm, you know, DRINKING) I resort to 1/4 ativan or half a xanax if I remember when I go to bed, or when I wake up sick and wide awake a few hours after I pass out. This is probably horrible for my liver and brain. But it helps. I'm such a lightweight though that this is for like 3 drinks over an evening's time.
Best to not get a hangover at all: drink water to help your kidneys clear the toxic mess as it's happening = you can get shitfaced without hating yourself tomorrow. Lots of people do this ^^^ but if I overestimated my limits (very rare because I'm not a drinker) I normally wind up not drinking for a while. Except the one time where I binge drank for about a year.
I know you probably know this and you just didn't plan on drinking as much as you did, but I understand there are things you can take before drinking so that your hangover is significantly reduced or eliminated. I can't remember all the different things but I've heard it talked about many times so should be easy to find on google. I rarely drink and if I do it's only till I get tipsey and then I stop as more makes me feel sick even at the time, so I didn't really pay too much attention. I seem to remember NAC was one of them

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