How does Phenibut interact with alcohol ? 
have taken around 1g 2 hours ago and now feeling heavy headed and feeling already drunk.
maybe skip the party ?

 i dont recommend drinking on phenibut... Everyone has different reactions but mixing different gabaergics and alcohol leaves alot of people incapacitated for 2 days after with a nasty nasty headache


 It will increase the vertigo aspect. At 750mg its not dangerous through. The sleepy aspect of the alcohol is definitely increased as well


Depends on the Phenibut. Racemic is quite weak compared to R-phenibut, which is what you get from russia. The danger warning is generally for taking Phenibut and the dose of alcohol you'd usually take to buzz/socialize. I take around 1-2g and can drink up to 8 drinks in a night, just slowly and check how you feel periodically. Usually with 3-7g Kratom alongside that which reduces how much I drink, since alcohol is the most detrimental to me at least. Infrequently though, building tolerance to such a combo, even without Kratom is not a good idea.


i took phenibut for the first time last night, 250mg. It tastes like throw up. I had a lot of fun though, felt a lot like a few glasses of wine. Today I feel extremely hungover, but not in a terrible headachey nausious alcoholhangover way, i feel lazy and tired like a zoo animal in the middle of the day, anxiety level 0. Problem is, I am used to a high level of exercise and I have 0 motivation.


Contrary to everyone's opinion here, I think phenibut and alcohol synergise magnificently. I find that due to the higher proportion of GABA-B activity than with just alcohol alone, I am less physically inebriated (reduced coordination, etc.) in the same desired state of 'drunkenness' I wish to achieve. This ultimately reduces the amount of alcohol you have to intake to achieve this state, which will have many more benefits in and of itself. Of course they enhance each other and drinking on phenibut can cause "blackouts and respiratory depression", but so can... just alcohol. If you are someone who is inclined to lose control themselves and drink more than they can handle on phenibut, you are probably someone who would do this and blackout with alcohol alone anyway. Regardless, I find the synergistic drunkenness is a slightly more relaxed and less manic state and prevents me from having drink after drink. Just make sure you are aware you have taken phenibut and should start the night off slower on the drinks than you would normally!


Avoid alcohol with Phenibut, they both enhance one effects by playing with your GABA receptors


 i usually drink two-three bottle wines and still have good controle but today with only half glass wine i am good to go!


: Daniel. that is bad advice. Just because alcohol can cause respiratory depression on it's own, that means you should add another powerful depressant into the mix? Ridiculous. When combined,Phenibut potentiates alcohols depressive effects exponentially, not linearly. The sum is greater than the parts. In the sake of harm reduction you should not advise people to take a potentially dangerous combination of drugs, even if you've done it and were fine. Everyone reacts differently.


 I agree with Daniel. Some people do not black out from alcohol, regardless of dose (me), yet only reach a state where the body is completely non-functional, but could have a pretty "sober" conversation indicating lack of desired mental effects. I have used Phenibut alone only once, the rest usually in combo with Kratom, Lorazepam (very very infrequent) and Alcohol. In fact, I have done all together (with the utmost caution) and it was a very, very beautiful experience. Also Daniel didn't incite anyone to try his method, I will also discourage anyone from trying this as I have never met another person like this IRL.


Certainly will not have any nootropic effects. Alcohol already being the most stupidifying mainstream and toxic drug of all.


The only time I have ever been glued to the floor of my bathroom and absolutely couldn't move was after drinking liquor 12+ hours after I had ingested maybe a half gram of phenibut.


So I took exactly 300mg of phenibut, someone on a forum took 6g of phenibut and combined it with lots of alcohol he had only a extreme headache.

But i will take the advice and drink not to much alcohol.

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