For those on adderall IR... how long does it last for you? How far do you space your doses? If you are not on xyrem does the adderall disrupt your sleep? What do you take to rest? I find I stay in hypnagogia for an hour or 3 and can't get any further on days I take adderall, so I don't take it daily.
(If you have seen previous posts from Ms stating that I want to wean off and use the ketosis diet, this remains true. I just have to plan it for a proper time in my life, which will be after I figure out what is going on with ssi and other benefits, and when I can get over to my mom's for 2 weeks late August, so I can have down time. Long story but that plan is still underway)
Mine lasts a few hours if I keep myself busy, and it will come in waves. I take 2 20mg at 8am, then take 1 more if needed around 12. If I take it later than 2 I am wide awake pretty late. I have 2 kids (4&10mo.) So I have to get up with them.
About 3 or 4 hours. I can sleep on 60 mg no problem. I take Nuvigil,provigil,and adderall everyday
I take the first one around 9:30 am and the second one around 2:00 pm. It seems by 8:00 that night I am dragging butt to try to make it through work. It like I took a downer or something. I don't want to take it to late because I already have trouble going to sleep when I get home at 12 am. I sometimes don't fall asleep until 4 or 5 am. How can you feel so dead tired at 8 but not be able to sleep. Idk if I should try taking it later in the afternoon or what.
Depends on how fast you metabolize it. It could last anywhere from 5-10 hours
It all depend on how long you have been taking it, body weight, daily diet, etc etc. I highly recommend changing the way you eat from Acidic to Alkaline diet. If you take your adderall with acidic food or drink your body can not absorb the max dose. Ive been taking it for 9 years and I can get mine to last 4-6 hours depending on what tasks Im planning on doing.
2-4 hours, but the first dose in the morning seems to take forever and a day to kick in
For me, XR usually takes 1-2hrs. Then I get another burst about two and a half hours after that. I never feel it HIT me like I did with Provigil. It's incredibly subtle. Like you just took a little bit to fully wake up, and then you just, find your groove.

It's different for everyone though.
It never did. All I did was sleep and puke my brains out. The more we increased the dose the sicker I got and when I literally spent 24 hours a day in bed vomiting, I quit
It didnt work for me i use the instant release one and that last 3 to 4 hours maybe
I've taken XR (and IR) for 13-14 years, and have noticed that the active duration is the same, regardless of the dosage.

I get about 4-5 hours on a good day. I supplement it with the IR version which helps a bit.

There is a world of difference with the Adderall XR generic formula versus the name brand XR formula. The generic formula is a lot more spiky in its release timing, and drops off a lot harsher. It's been my experience that it doesn't last as long.
3-4 typically so I switched to the tablets multiple times a day
It never really did. It didn't pack the initial wake up punch that immediate release did, and I felt it release throughout the day but very weakly. Enough to not let me nap but not enough to keep me functional. I take 20mg at 8am, 10mg at 12pm and 10mg at 3pm (immediate release) and get through 90% of my days without a nap.
I'll take the XR once in the morning and once after lunch and I'm pretty much good the whole day. I really get sleepy around 7 o'clock at night after my meds have worn off.
About 4-5 hours. I take an xr and an ir in the morning (5am) and xr and an ir about 5 hours later (11a right before my 20 minute nap), then an ir in the afternoon (3pm, right before my 20 min nap).
I still feel like I'm never quite awake though.
One 120mg XR didn't really do anything for me either, I still had to take an ir later in the day.

About 2 weeks ago I started taking a 120mg XR and a 30mg IR in the morning and now I feel great for about 10 to 11 hours (give or take for good/bad narco days).

Take them at 8am and about 6 or 7, on average, is when I feel them wearing off. But I dont have the crash that I had when I only took IRs.
I wasn't really regularly taking the same dose of my adderall every day. Some days I would take only half my dose and others the full dose. As soon as I found a dose that worked for me and started taking it about 5 days a week it seemed it stopped working. I was prescribed 10mg adderall three times a day but my Dr just upped it to 20mg twice a day because I was having to take 20mg every morning just to get going. Now my 20mg doesn't seem to do anything at all and the other day I took 20mg and then 3 hours later I took another 20mg and I was asleep 30 minutes later. It feels like I'm popping pills for nothing. I

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