I currently use Phenibut and Kratom both occasionally and separate from each other. I was wondering what you guys could suggest me looking into as secondary options to relieve pretty bad bouts of anxiety and depression. I want to have other things I can fall back on to avoid overusing Kratom and Phenibut. If I had various things that worked well with me, I could cycle them and avoid tolerance and addiction to any one of them.
If your diet is poor id start there. Phenibut can cause you to exert energy you don't have, and make you exhausted. I countered it with eating very clean, and honestly without having used phenibut or any nootropic besides the wrong type of Rhodolia in about two months, I feel great. TLdr; Eat clean. Hydrate
Mulungu bark, Kava root, Possibly Akuamma seeds (will have to try that out), Myrrh, Frankincense, grind 1 nutmeg whole in your coffee, try capsules of *FRESH* ground black pepper. Make sure its a fine consistency and can be pressed real tight for a big dose. Kanna fermented or not (the latter is more cannabinoid and less stimulant) and microdoses of psychedelics (preferably legal, like mimosa hostilis root bark) which can cure you beyond acute effects. Syrian rue, buts it's an appetite killed/emetic at inappropriate doses. They enhance indole psychedelics. Work your dose up
Kratom didn't work for me at all. Made me nauseous. I have the same problem as you. SAMe helped and so did alpha brain for the antidepressant "brain fog" effects. I also take EPA/DHA fish oil , DHEA, niacin, cordyceps, and CoQ10. For me, burning off the anxiety with exercise helped more than any drug or supplement. I tried most of the tam family like noopept and they don't do much for me. Modafinil worked for motivation but everyday it builds up a tolerance so if you use it daily you won't be getting what you need from it. I also started the ketogenic diet and that helped a lot.
I would also advise adding in some theanine for in between etizolam doses and possibly an adtaptogenic herb to help the body with homeostasis. But a clean health diet, regular exercise and meditation will do wonders for anxiety and depression as well.
If they are both clinically diagnosed, then I would suggest Phenibut 250-400mg, moon kratom 1.5-3.5g, Picamilon 100-200mg, and most importantly try something that works in the background on different pathways like MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE before bed & ASHWAGANDHA 300-600mg 2-3x/day. I can personally also really like the L-Arginine/L-Lysine combo. I don't mean to start with "is it diagnosed?" Because I also suffer from MDD and also constant anxiety with panic episodes genetically and also from having a rough time with my family when I left the LDS church. I use this stuff because I hate doctors and have been put through Big Pharma's hell on many levels and really was the key to me getting myself to where I am now. Complete loss to accepting that I can choose to never kill myself, which really helps with motivation/drive, and actually planning for the future. Best of luck!
I'm self medicating for bad nerve pain related to diabetic neuropathy because my doctor will not give me anything effective for the pain. Gotta say kratom has been a big life saver. Another very useful drug because it works for allodynia and to date it is the only thing I've found that does, is tianeptine sodium. It has the positive side effect of increasing BDNF levels so not only not bad but actually good for me on some levels, but to be effective I have to take it at levels on the order of 160mg/day when the normal dose is 37mg/day. Hope I'm not killing myself, I would much prefer to have a doctor that was actually helpful but I'm stuck with Group Death so that's what I've got.
I had extreme withdrawal. Felt creepy crawlers all over me. Hair fell out, hallucinating, insomnia, not eating. Felt like what I imagine crack withdrawal may feel like. Or maybe a benzo. I lost 11 lbs in 2 days though. So much water weight

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