Anyone tried huperzine a? What is your experience with it?
Also tried Uridine Monophosphate? 
And adrafinil? 
If you have experience with any of the 3 please comment. It seems like Uridine Monophosphate isn't working :(
You need to take uridine more than 4 weeks...
Take uridine with fishoil n choline
If you have asthma, then only take one huperzine a, once a week.
Take 160-200mcg Huperzine A 30 mins before bed. Complete a 1 to 2 week cycle. Thank me later. For me it provides super refreshing sleep, I also add 0.3-0.5mg melatonin.
tried adrafinil a few times during fall 2015. had me focused as fuck. was very productive. i had a lot of reading that i needed to do. memory retention was very good.
I heard Adrafanil is bad for your liver
Heck they say alcohol is bad for the liver and people drink til their 90. I'll take adrafinil chances any day! Especially if I'm trying to start up a business
Theire are people who take adrafinil for half of year without problems and theire is million people who die because of alcohol also alcohol is cancerogenic so I dont get people who drink it everyday, I dont drink alcohol, in my family a lot of people die because of it. I never hear about that modafinil or adrafinil could be that dangerous so...
Uridine monophosphate is very subtle
If you add b6 to uridine its the building block for creating more dense dopamine receptors... B6 is essential with uridine And if its monophosphate tske it sublingually
Uridine is probably one of the strongest for me, but only used it in combination with noopept. Wouldn't bother with adrafinil if you can get modafinil
Huperzine seems to slow down my heart beat. Not any noticeable effects besides that, but I don't notice much from anything sooo..
Huperzine makes me sleepy. I have the most realistic dreams when I take it and fall asleep. I take 160mcg
Huperzine A provides a sharp focus and a mental clarity that I haven't experienced with any exogenous sources of choline. First time using it caused insomnia and was really strong, I was surprised. Works for a lot of people but it doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Different supplements work for different people
Use Huperzine for a week, pyramidal assumption. You have to experiment what's the dosage for you, It could take few cycles to understand it.

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