Hydrafinil: Who's tried it? How does it compare to Adrafinil or Modafinil? Effects? Basically looking for clarity of thought and wakefulness. I've heard some people say it's awesome and some say it's weak and not that great. Looking for input from those who have tried it
Hydrafinil will keep me awake but not much more for about 4 hours at a time... could work great for staying awake during class, especially sine you will not be physically active.
Hydrafinil its more that you cant eat and go crazy after a few days with hardly any or poor sleep than get the chance the build up tolerance. I used to build up a tolerance before I used it with Choline Citrate, before that I could have 3-5 250mg pills a day once tolerance built up and the effects of massive energy wore off after a few hours, now one pill does the whole day. but no headaches at least lol

Technically hydrafinil is not a "finil" like Adrafinil or modafinil. They just call it that, but really it's completely different. I would stick to Modalert from Neo Modafinil

start with 50 mg, do not mix with sunifIram (I had pains in my chest, neck and left arm),and I think it has some kind of antagonistic mechanism on 5ht2a/2c that lasts even for 2-3 days (5ht2a/2c agonist I took 3 days after hydrafinil didn't work)

I havent tried hydrafinil and flmodafinil. Modafinil I would choose "modalert" brand because modvigil just doesnt seem to be as good, and it seems quite common opinion when I looked around. Adrafinil I haven't tried, I think good quality Adrafinil could potentially be better than modalert but i don't know. However adrafinil is hard on your liver so I wouldn't. You didn't mention it but there is also armodafinil. I have only tried the Waklert brand, and I prefer Modalert. That is not to say Armo doesnt help at all, just that it doesn't seem to have near the mood boosting effect that I get with modalert. It can also be a bit more tweaky. Still good though. I think Armo makes me develop a tolerance faster. Now when you compare these things to amphetamines, MPA or 3-FPM its very different.I'll talk about the latter because I have more experience with them. Modafinil works more in the background, take too much and it can make you too anxious, however it still is more of a substance that takes away tiredness rather than something you can speed your tits off on. This is compared with something like 3-FPM or MPA which I am sure are fairly hard on your organs and you need to be a little careful, though having said that Ive taken MPA for a year now and haven't suffered any issues. I think you should try and get 3-FPM if you can if you want to try these, that gets consistently good reviews though the safety profile is more uncertain since its more new. MPA has been around for a while now, I've taken quite a lot of it last year as I say, but doesn't always sit well with everyone. It is one that definitely makes you smell so chew gum :P. Also... put it in a capsule and swallow it don't snort it (I say that because you talked about street speed). Take about 30 mg and you should be buzzing. I find MPA fast acting and comes down faster, you may have a hard time sleeping on 3-FPM so don't take late into the day. I wouldnt say there is much of a crash on either substance, other than tiredness. Same goes for modafinil. If you take too much you might get more tired. Main thing is to make sure you eat and drink, that's what going to cause typical "crash" symptoms, but Im sure you already know that taking amphetamines before. This doesn't apply if you take more than the therapeutic dose of about 30mg every 5 hours (I would say) and go into recreational usage land.

I have never tried Modafinil. I have tried Adrafinil. Funnily I thought Adrafinil was stronger/more effective than Hydrafinil, which is supposed to be stronger than even Modafinil. Though I have only tried Hydrafinil maybe a dozen times.
I tried Hydrafinil over the last couple of days. Seems much more subtle than modafinil or adranifil. In fact it didn't seem to do much at all for me
I've heard generally that it isn't as effective, but people do appear to prefer flmodafinil
Adrafinil did nothing for me as well.Nor did sublitiamine even when i combined it with caffeine.I kept upping the dosage till i got a terrible headache but never got any stimulation at all.Modafinil and tianeptine work well for me though.
I just wanted to say I tried both adrafinil and ceretropic's "hydrafinil". I kid you not, adrafinil put me to sleep. It didn't feel good in any regard. Hydrafinil is purported to be 140% more efficacious than modafinil. It definitely keeps you up. It increases my BP so I won't continue taking it. I will say it's the ideal additive for an all-nighter. It is a unique addition to my nootropic lineup.
I've tried adrafinil and Armodafinil. I didn't really enjoy adrafinil but armoda is the shit. It's the right isomer of Modafinil thus R-modafinil or Armodafinil.

Just make sure you're taking it right when you wake up as the half life is 10 to 15 hours. I'll take 75mg which is half a waklert. It's supposed to be twice the potency of Modafinil.

Anecdotally, I gave someone 150mgs of adrafinil and 30mg of noopept in a water bottle and told him to drink it and he said he wasn't hungover anymore and felt his mood improve.
Adrafinil is not as effective as modafinil since it needs to be metabolized in the liver into modafinil resulting in a lot of it being destroyed by the liver phases. I've tried it, its like a super jacked up version of caffeine to me with less of the jitter. And I think that caffeine is no doubt one of the best nootropics out there
similar experiences to everyone else with Flmodafinil. Nice amount of energy, but nothing like the purported effectiveness of Modafinil, especially the ability to disregard a couple of sleep cycles.
I'll be trying that in the future but for now I'm going to head to my friendly neighborhood nootropics store and pick up some adrafinil of hydrafinil. When that's gone I'll order some Modafinil. I'm just a bit concerned about the lack of information as far as liver safety goes, but I've been reading as long as you don't take it more than a few days a week or for prolonged periods of time you should be fine. I'd like to experiment with phenylpiracetam and noopept and then write an analysis of all 4 and decide which works best for me.

I have tried modafinil and it helps with clarity and focus but it gives me anxiety and does nothing for motivation or sense of well being-It seems incomplete-what other stacks can I try to give me some mild euphoria which

helps me feel good, which then helps to motivate me and something that will enhance my creativity-I was thinking of adding piracetam and then if no additional desired results I would switch modafinil to hydrafinil

also where is a good, reliable source to purchase both piracetam and hydrafinil


I do Flmodafinil and Noopept. Flmodafinil smooths out the Noopept. I like Flmodafinil over Adrafinil as it just has a nicer feel. I never tried Modafinil as it is prescrption.

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