ok. so Im looking at niacin + magnesium + 5HTP to treat depression/anxiety?
f taking niacin and magnesium together then space your doses apart given that they have blood thinning properties. Also, dude do your homework first before experimenting. Don't necessarily mix the two, try one and stick with it for awhile(granted both act on BDNF and TrkB) Niacin alone can floor ones blood pressure and glucose levels.
Hey I read your previous post. Have you spoken to a doctor about it. They might prescribe SSRI's. I know that a lot of people in this group don't prefer SSRI's but it can make a difference so consult a doctor. I've taken magnesium and they didn't make a lot of difference also 5 HTP only helps with the production of serotonin so I think it would be better to see a doctor first
Yeah, the most effective thing would probably be magnesium. However, dont expect it to cure anything akin to ptsd. Id say you have little to fear when it comes to certain nootropics. Its a self investment worth making in most available cases. Youd really be setting the ceiling low if this as far as youd like to go in regards to supplements.
Intermittent fasting, Curcumin with pepper, HIIT training, Coconut Oil (30 -40 gr) in your coffee(if you drink coffee?) , high dose of liquid fish oil, high dose Niacin, and ashwagandha for anxiety, meditate.
In my opinion you should try this before prescription drugs!
Ashwagandha is a herb that you can use for weeks before cycling.
Niacin is a vitamin you tolerate well for a long time in high doses, so yes use them both.
But fasting, Coconut Oil /liquid fish oil and high intensty interval training will work really well.
I use ashwagandha for anxiety, especially in the morning when your cortisol levels are high.
I had a great experience with a solid 90 days of 400mg/day of Sam-E. Eventually had to back down to 200 per day, then 200 just every other day. The results were compelling.

Recent studies have found that Ketamine once a month can be very effective against depression. Not sure of the dosage studies.

I use niacin daily, 1000s of milligrams, love it. I will ask one of my peers about it as an anti depressant. He had written chapters and studies it at length.
Take care with the niacin dosage, if you take too much you will get Niacin flush. your skin will turn red and it will feel like your boiling, doesn't do any permanent damage but is damn uncomfortable.
Darren, Niacin is actually prescribed as high as 5000mg daily as way to possibly combat high cholesterol. Do not waste your time with the Niacinamide or time-release versions. You WANT THE FLUSH. It dialates capillaries randomly throughout your body. It lasts about 30 minutes with zero damage to you physically. Do to the flush feeling, color, and warmth people assume it races your heart. Totally untrue. I take 1000mg (best on an empty stomach) up to 4x daily. Enjoy it.
Actually more to the point if you take to much Tryptophan and niacin you end up with elevated niacin levels which can be toxic either just stick to one or the other since any trytophan that isn't converted to to 5-HTP then 5-HT ends up converted to niacin
Mate, I've recently gone through a bout of severe anxiety and depression. I was prescribed beta blockers which helped a bit, but the main thing which really helped was understanding my condition and figuring out ways to deal with it. Get yourself some self-help books, download some meditation apps (headspace etc) and then maybe look into mindfulness.

Diet plays a massive role as well, make sure you're getting suffixient B vitamins and a range of healthy fats in your diet.

Remember that millions suffer from this, you're certainly not alone. Strength!
I absolutely LOVE tianeptine for putting me in a good frame of mind. I've had a lot of stress and some moderate depression over the past year due to a close family member dying & some other major life changes; and whenever I'm feeling particularly sad, I take about a 20 or 25 mg dose of tianpetine and within a short time, I'm feeling soooo much better. If I could pick just one nootropic to use, it would be that. It IS addicting though, so be careful. Either just use it when absolutely necessary or else if you feel like you must use it daily for awhile, then be prepared to wean yourself off of it later. You might find something else that works well that you can use at times and cycle the tianeptine. I sometimes use PEA (phenylethylamine HCL) and it gives me a good feeling too but doesn't last very long. It's cheap though, whereas the tianeptine is rather expensive. I liked everyone's advice but for just those times when you're feeling particularly down, a single dose of tianeptine may very well be all you need. I don't think powder city carries it anymore but you can find it on other sites or amazon or ebay.
What helps me a tiny bit to like stabilize myself if having just a little anxiety is noopept. But my emergency go to when I'm having a bad anxiety attack and I'm close to passing out is gaba phenibut. But be careful. It stays in your system 3 days. So each time taking it it's a bit less active. So I really only take it in emergencies. But yes once i really had to take it 3 days in a row and it still worked.

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