I do this. There are some important things to consider: you need to take extra quantities of supplements to last you through the fasting windows

e.g. if I'm gearing up to do a two or three days extended fast, I'll definitely take two magnesium tablets where I'd normally consider one as sufficient; same with any other micronutrient supplements I take;

With nootropics, I generally don't do this although it depends on which nootropic it is - my main nootropics recently have just been turmeric tablets and maca root powder which I feel a noticeable difference from.

But I'm not going to be taking huge amounts of maca powder because anything in excess will just be excreted out past a certain point.

So the main thing to consider is that you need to factor in that you won't be able to take nootropics during a "proper" fasting window and this means you may need to avoid certain nootropics if they require a build up of the substance for benefits to be gained.

Some examples would be antioxidants like pycnogenol, CoQ10 and possibly huperzine as well as Brahmi; also phosphatidyl serine and phosphatidyl choline would require build up because of their mechanism of repeatedly consolidating the growth of new capillaries and synapses in the brain on a daily – this would otherwise be interrupted by fasting windows.
So I use fasting in a very deliberate way separately from an extended course of a nootropic.

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