Could psilocybin contained in "magic mushrooms" be considered a nootropic? After all, microdosing LSD is commonplace in Silicon Valley...
This gets brought up every once in a while. A few people have experimented with microdosing some have good things to say, and some don't. It seems like we need a better understanding of these substances before microdosing can be used effectively for enhancement
Its easy enough to get if you walk down haight street but I haven't found lsd microdosing to be very common place at all while I was in sf. Shrooms are also easy enough to get and I think could be beneficial in times of depression or for people who are burnt/burning out from the sustained productivity level that's commonplace there. But I definitely wouldn't work on psychedelics. With microdosing the hope for me is to basically get the positives without as much of a time sink or recovery period. Though I do prefer heavier infrequent trips more
My own definition of 'nootropic' is still rather 'traditional'. If it doesn't confer a physiological benefit (as opposed to just a mental or cognitive benefit) then to me it's not a genuine nootropic. Your semantic paradigm may be different of course, but if your def. of nootropic is something that conveys a cognitive or mental benefit, without heed to physiological benefit, then adderal and SSRIs would fit into the category of nootropic surely?
I've microdosed psilocybin before many times. About .2 grams in the morning is great. Definitely sharpens you up. Some redose later in the day. Also, there's really no tolerance at such low doses. I usually took it 3 days on and 2-3 days off. Good luck with your experiment.
I've learned things about the universe through my Psilocybin experiences that have forever changed my interaction with the universe. I understand that the interaction of mind with environment is two way, most people don't get that, they think only the environment effects their thoughts, but it is a two way street.
There are many tryptamines available which have effects inline with Psilocybin ; but without the potential legality issues/risk. 4-Aco-DMT, 5-Meo-MIPT (personal favourite of mine) and 5-Meo-Dmt come to mind.. Microdosed 5-meo-mipt between 5-10mg is pretty easy to handle, usually only 3-4 days in a row then taking a break for weeks.

Effects noted (by me, subjectively) include : increased appreciation of family/friends, increased appreciation of being in nature and music,
increased creativity when building or making things such as music and also enhanced senses ; vision is brighter and sharper, sounds are deeper and more crisp, smells are also intensifies, taste can be weird sometimes however but that happens to me with any psychedelic. I always get an odd metalic taste but wtv its no big deal. Your subconscient will spill over partially into Your consciousness so be prepared to have our personal issues that you dont necessarily want to think about come to the surface. This forces you to self reflect on life and utlimately changes you (in my opinion this is for the better and very valuable.).

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