Does Kratom produce withdrawal symptoms? I've heard opioid withdrawal is rough
Have been using kratom daily for over a year, have not noticed any withdrawal symptoms on my tolerance breaks. I take 2g 1-2x a day. I would use for several months at a time and when I felt it wasn't effective anymore I would take a two week break. I've had to do that twice. Now I do a 5 day on/2 off cycle with agmatine supplementation concurrent with kratom dosing and that has worked very well so far.
It definitely does produce withdrawal symptoms. If you taper it, you should be fine tho. Just got to be committed and make sure you found proper replacements.

Dealing with taper process myself honestly.
Sometimes it depends on if the person just used kratom for say a year with nothing previous or if they were dependent on pain medication, heroin or suboxone and than switched to kratom. Usually the latter experience some form of withdrawal with the former only experiencing it in some cases.
Yes it does in contrary what some people have stated publicly. Like that Chris Bell dude at Joe Rogan Experience he sat and talked BS and didn't mention certain sideeffects or the fact that YOU CAN GET WD from it.. I think that is a big misstake of him. You could see in his face that he didnt believe some of the things he said about Kratom.. :D
High dose does seem to be relative though. In the kratom forums I see some people say they don't use more than 2g or they get "uncomfortable" while other people say they use 8-12g daily just to function normally. Standard dosages aren't well established because the effective dosage is different depending on the user's intent and drug history.
I've taken upwards of 30g a day for about two and a half years now. I've gone without it for a few days in the past, and suffered from lack of natural energy and mild depression. I basically feel lazy when I don't take it.

As an aside, I get physicals every year and a full blood panel. The tests always come back within range and just as healthy as any other woman my age
Kratom is an opioid and opioids are addictive. Kratom does differ in the effects it produces because of its unique molecular structure. I don't have the document handy, but I have read it activates the opioid receptors in a rather unique fashion. It is also a partial agonist, with mytragynine being something like 50-150 times less potent than morphine. 7-hydroxymytragynine is a full agonist however. The latter being 1% or less of total leaf content. The plant also has opioid antagonists, which can completely counteract withdrawl. It's probably safe to say Kratom has less potential for abuse than many other drugs in its class.
Kratom is not an opioid. It acts on the opioid receptors and produces a similar effect to opioids. To be a genuine opioid, a product must actually come from the opium poppy.
Yea mitragynine "stimulates postsynaptic alpha 2 adrenergic receptors" relative to "noradrenergic and serotonergic pathways in spinal cord"

That's definitely a big psychoactive proponent aside from the strange opioid agonism and antagonism it produces.
I'm not gona lie tho, I Probly have a dependency issue with it but I have Managed to taper my dose down to 1.5x the amount I used to take. And I'm about to drop it down another .5x soon
Matrygnines primary effect is on mu opioid receptors, it is active on all three opioid receptors, and also stimulates a2 receptors. Based on the information we have now, kratom's primary effects are opioidergic.
I take 10g, once a day, and have for about a year. Within that time, i've gone 1-2 days without kratom without withdrawal, and a couple of times 2-3 weeks without kratom without withdrawal.

As someone that's never been addicted to an opiate, this makes me think most people that get withdrawal from kratom were previous opiate users.
The adrenergic effects just make it potentially even harder to quit. Discontinuing long term use is similar to simultaneous discontinuation of a mild opioid, SNRI, and even gaba agonist habit. I found that the wd period was relatively short however compared with any of those 3 on their own.

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