what kind of L-theanine doses are okay. Maximum dose etc...
I've taken high doses (750MG) as well (like Dennis above). But 300 MG is my sweet spot. Higher doses do not yield better benefits for me with Theanine.

I'd imagine the max dose is high. 1-2G would likely not be a problem for lots of people, but might not yield optimal effects.
I took 500mg or 1g a day for over a month with no other noots and noticed no negative effects. I prefer ~400mg with a coffee. If you're taking caffeine + theanine be aware that caffeine has a much longer half life. Theanine is ~1 hour while caffeine is 5-6.
Some GABA receptors will be down regulated at such high doses (750mg+) that it may actually feel stimulatory.
Mine went from 175mg to 200mg by accident because a different nurse gave me the shot and didn't realize it. (Nurses are taught to give entire vials of medication since they come in standard doses, and it reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection.) That 25mg made me feel so much better that I asked my doctor about it, and he was fine with it since it didn't put me into a dangerous rate. FWIW, I did topical before that, and it did absolutely nothing for me.
You can start with 200mg but I'd suggest 400mg. See how you feel. You can always take more, theanine is harmless. If you're able, get suntheanine. I hear it enters the blood stream better.
Well I started with 100mg and then stayed at 200mg a while then did 200mg twice a day and know I'm doing 400mg twice a day.
Just because you can take a high dose doesn't mean you should. Dose based on your goals and how your body reacts to it. I've found (based on uncontrolled, experiments with n=10), more than 200mg at a time can have a subjective negative impact on performance, while lower doses improve performance.
i really dont know, but I think L- theanine will always take the edge of caffeine. Maybe you should try the same amount of caffeine with different dosages of l-theanine in different days :) I did this is the beginning, but i am very sensitive to caffeine, i cant take large doses...
I take 200mg daily in the mornings. I've tried taking it alone and with either coffee or a pot of tea and it's not doing a thing for me. Been taking it daily for months with increasing dosage. There is no ideal dose. Who wants to swap bodies with me? Will trade for something that works properly

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