L-tyrosine has worked really well for me. Way better than mucuna pruriens and I might even go as far as to say I prefer it's effects over Adderall as far as focus, attention and energy go. I just ordered NALT N-Acetyl l-Tyrosine, which I understand is l-tyrosine's better-absorbed form, but I've also heard from some that NALT gives them a significantly different effect than regular l-tyrosine. Any personal experiences/opinions?
Pretty sure NALT is best absorbed sublingually (as opposed to regular tyrosine). But is corrosive on the teeth. Don't know what to do about that.
I bought the NALT powder form amazon and tried the equivalent dosage and then dosed the same. Never really had the punch L-Tyrosine had. But this very well could be an individual difference.
I take NALT daily in a capsule I make with Caffeine, ALCAR, and Myo Inositol. It’s fantastic at waking me up and giving me the boost in energy and mood I need to get started on the day. Haven’t really noticed tolerance at recommended doses, but I’ve been taking it a long while so it’s hard to objectively say. If tolerance is a concern then take something to lower Dopamine tolerance like Sulbutiamine on off days.

As for NALT vs Tyrosine, I got some Tyrosine from PC a few months back, tried it, just didn’t notice quite the same effect I desire. Could be YMMV but my gf didn’t notice much either.
It seems that tyrosine is only effective if:
the body is not used to it, until it adapts and decreases tyrosine hydroxylase, rendering tyrosine supplementation useless(takes up to 6-8weeks)
there is a tyrosine deficit
one is taking serotonin enhancing drugs at the same time - they lower dopamine, and that in turn increases tyrosine hydroxylase. So one can supplement with high dosages and still can get a benefit. Tried to look through reddit reviews
there is a problem with the feedback mechanism for downregulation of tyrosine hydroxylase (pure speculation, but some may have a gene defect that makes this possible)

tyrosine is in general useless (for producing catecholamines) if there is a tyrosine hydroxylase deficit (rare disorder)

keep in mind that tyrosine is also needed for the production of t3 and t4, and I guess it can still increase those independent of the points above (not sure, did not research)

Also keep in mind that tyrosine supplementation tends to deplete the body of sulfur, leading to at least glutathione depletion which is serious.

It also seems to deplete the body of methyl donors.

So if one would want to use tyrosine, he would have to supplement with all cofactors to not get serious long term side effects(those may get depleted too otherwise). Speaking from experience here.

One should NOT supplement with tyrosine if increasing thyroid hormones, dopamine, adrenaline or noradrenaline causes problems.

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