My interest in nootropics was piqued by the movie “Limitless.”I want to optimize myself meaning that I want to think quicker and assemble critical thoughts faster. I am looking for a sustained cognitive edge. I do have some issues in my background. I have been battling fatigue for years now due in part to my high stress lifestyle and years of insomnia. I do work out (jogging or high intensity interval training workout). The workouts are not fun, and I have had to overcome a number of injuries (now resolved). I still experience extended workout recovery times. (2-3 days sometimes). My goal is to promote and optimize happiness, energy  and cognitive function, maintain sleep balance, minimize the post workout recovery process, and improve my overall energy levels. I am currently on the following nutrients/adaptogens (my stack in development).
Theanine Serene with Relora (Source Naturals) 200mq/150mg am and pm
Magnesium 300mg
Taurine 500mg
GABA 500mg
Holy basil 100mg
Ashwaganda (Vitamin Shoppe1.5% Withanolides) 940 mg am and pm 
Curcumin (Vitamin Shoppe) 900mg am 
Rhodiola (Natures Way 3% Rosavins & 1% Salidrosides) 500 mg am and pm 
Bacopa (Solaray 20% Bacosides) 200mg am 
Citicholine (CDC Choline) (Jarrow 500mg pm 
B complex 500mg pm
Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg pm
ALGAL-900 DHA (Spring Valley) 900mg pm
Maca boost (Gaia Herbs) 5144mg am
Cacao Ginger 738mg
Rhodiola 118mg
This limitless stack works great for improved energy levels and mood stabilization. I felt on top of the world after 7-10 days on this, but after 2 weeks, the spikes in happiness were not as high. Is there something here that I need to cycle off of?
On days when I work out, I add
New Chapter Zyflamend Whole Body (New Chapter) 
Ginger, Tumeric, Rosemary Mix with too much stuff 
in it to list (Great stuff to minimize pain)
Glutamine 5gms 
Ornithine/Arginine mix 5gms
BCAAs 2500mg 
Creatinine 5gms 
For Sleep
Valerian/Valerian Root extract (Nature’s Bounty) 2gms 
For Focus (Used only when needed)
Phosphatidylserine (Vitamin Shoppe PS Sharp) 1000mg 
Plan 200 (Purity Products)
KSM-66 Ashwaganda 675mg
Cereboost American Ginseng 200mg
Bipperine 5mg
Vitaberry Plus 25mg
This stuff works great, but it makes it difficult for me to go to sleep. 
Other things that I have tried to improve cognitive function or mood, but I am not sure if they have had any effect
Vinpocetine 10mg 
Huperzine A with Gingko (Vitamin Shoppe) 50mcg/60mg 
L-Tyrosine with B6 (Vitamin Shoppe) 500mg/10mg 
L-Tryptophan with Iron (Source Naturals) 1500mg/575mcg
5-HTP with B6 (Vitamin Shoppe) 100mg/20mg
I have also tried Noopept and Tianeptine sulfate capsules from Nootropics Depot. I did not notice any difference in cognition or mood.
If you want a quick burst that you're only going to use occasionally, Phenylpiracetam will give you just that. Promise. It's been banned in the olympics for that reason.... I use it before my exams in class.... Take with choline source to increase focus further - necessity with *racetams and cholinergics. I haven't found any sources on it the interaction, but I did find glutamine helped prolong the effects. Experiment a little...

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