Has anyone experienced any long-lasting or permanent effects from Nootropics? If so, which nootropics, and how so?
Not from synthetics, but from noot nutrients, nootrients, YES!

N-acetyl-tyrosine, 5-htp, D3, anything that enhances or increases electrical conductivity, number of pathways per pulse, anything that "works like a neurotransmitter," but you have to do your own research dude
Synthetics such as racetams and noopept have been shown to have lasting effects after stopping use. There is no logical reason why their long lasting effects would quickly go away. Some would argue that something is only a nootropic if it has lasting effects.
Tinnitus is eliminated for me by Piracetam for about 2-3 months after I quit taking then it comes back and takes another 2-3 months after I start taking it to go away again, so that is long term. Another long term is fasoracetam inverse tolerance. Unlike many drugs that cause down regulation of receptors and thus a greater and greater quantity of the drug to have an effect, with fasoracetam you need less and less over time. The effect builds most noticeably over the first ten days fo use, but for me I continued to become more sensitive to it for at least two months. I started at 20mg/day and now am stable at about 5mg/day. The side effects seem to diminish with lower doses but the effects get stronger.
Fasoracetam improves my clarity of thought, helps me get my mind around difficult concepts, I haven't actually tried doing dual-n-back with and without, but I suspect it is improving short term memory making it easier to keep a kind of cohesive coherent thought pattern. What I am saying is this is my impression but only subjective as I have not actually tested to see if real improvement is there. I do know it results in real improvement in my ability to get things done.

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