MCT Oil vs Brain Octane: For those who follow Dave Asprey, he initially recommended consuming MCT Oil (derivative of Coconut & Palm Oil) along with Coffee and butter. Then he came up with the "Brain Octane" product which is a more refined version of the MCT oil and supposed to be multiple times "stronger"....
Anyone experimented with Brain Octane and MCT Oil? I have tried only MCT Oil (Now Sports brand) and when I consume it 3 times a day, I do definitely notice a weight loss over time which is great, and a side effect of stomach cramps sometimes. But it doesn't make much difference in my brain performance...
I'm curious to see if anyone tried both MCT and Brain Octane to see if there is really a significant difference.

I have both and prefer the Brain Octane C-8 Caprylic Acid over the regular C10 Capric. I use it to make Bulletproof coffee and for me it keeps me from getting hungry. I do follow the whole diet and have lost about ~15lbs in a month.  Personally, the regular MCT oil seemed to keep me full for longer, but my mental clarity was increased about 25% when I switched to the C8. I noticed the difference when I was learning a new skill within my job. Now I use C10 for cooking and C8 for my coffee.For the stomach cramps, you need to work your way up as you may not be used to that much fat. Betaine HCL works well with it I've heard, but have never tried it. I started with 1 teaspoon a day and now consume about 2 tablespoons a day. Do 1 teaspoon a day for a week then move to two teaspoons. Too much will give you the runs, believe you me I know from firsthand experience :)And I believe the concentration is 6x for regular and 18x for the brain octane when conspired to standard pressed coconut oil.Try it on sushi too! Amazing!


 I use both MCT Oil and Brain Octane, I can't really tell any difference, my dad has taken over the brain octane for his bullet proof coffee, I use the mct in mine I also use it in my protein shakes and mix in my kids food like sweet potatoes and avacados Also I make homemade ice cream and use it in that too


When you are testing these things, is anyone actually doing blind testing by trying some oil without knowing which one it is and then comparing the results on how you feel? If the differences between some of these are just placebo, you can save big bucks by using the cheaper option while getting the same results.


I prefer Brain Octane oil over MCT oil. I definitely notice a difference. I even carry a flask of it with me throughout the day and will take a swig here and there....straight up constant energy and brain fuel! It's more expensive, but definitely worth. Yeah for cooking just use MCT oil to save money

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