Methylene blue, for me one of the best nootropics, improves physical resistance , gives a lot of energy and makes me feel focused and motivated. What is your experience?
I've been using methylene blue nootropic pretty consistently last 2 months and I notice when I use consistent dosage for more than a week straight I start feeling a bit of depression. I'm worried it may be negatively affecting gut bacteria. Just something I noticed today interested in other's experience. btw I dose 25mcg 2x-4x a day 6-12 hrs apart.
My methylene blue review. I bought 99,6% methylene blue nootropic from Nyles7, I recommend to use only high purity MB, because less grade product could have heavy metals inside. I'm experimenting with different dosages, today I used 100mg with 500 mg of vitamin c for making Leuco Methylene Blue (Vitamin C changes the colour of MB to a more clear blue and less darker methylene blue. Leuco methylene blue nootropic as I know is a better form of MB that your body produces when you ingest normal methylene blue, however taking leuco methylene blue directly has a better effect compared with normal MB. The methylene blue used for Alzheimer disease from Taur TX is the Leuco MB form. My other experiment is with Niacin, so my actual approach would be: MB (100 or 10 or 50 mg)+500 mg Vitamin C+200 mg Niacin. I like the Niacin flush, I take for two reasons that has not too much empirical data behind: 1) If MB is a methyl donor (I don't know if MB is exactly a Methyl donor), then Niacin could reduce the methyl groups from MB, Niacin is a good choice for people with overmethylation problems, 2) I read in longecity an interesting theory about Niacin enhancing the effects of methylene blue for cleaning the Amyloid plaques (Amyloid Plaque accumulation )is one or the main cause of Alzheimer disease.
And thats all, sorry for my bad english, I'm reading Paul Feyerabend Against Method book now and my mind isn't is in english language mode.
I didn't experienced any memory boosting effect, but I take it for mitochondrial health. At low doses in the
The risk of serotonin toxicity is present in anything that promotes serotonin. You run the same risk taking SAM-e. Just be careful. I recommend a very low dosing of 500 mcg to 1 mg. The teenage people guzzling a cup of the stuff just to turn their urine green on YouTube are the idiots that will get serotonin toxicity, not the people microdosing on MB for the cognitive effects.
0.5mg was sufficient enough for me to get into a solid study/memory retaining state on multiple occasions. Can confirm that MB worked a treat with no noticeable side effects.
I do recommend using only 1-2 per week.
The dose they used (4mg/kg) is very high. I'm sure 1mg/kg is enough. I have understood that some people take this in nanogram doses. I've never tried it and doubt that it would work.
I think I started from around 0.1 mg daily and slowly built up from there to about 0.5 mg taken once in the morning, which seem rather good but i will try and build up to a higher dose (1-2 mg) as the effects are still rather subtle.

I think the usual recommendation is around 250-500 mcg per day, but from what I've read, there are also people taking hundred times that much.
Uncouples mitochondria, restores telomeres, oxygenated blood, makes urine green, can prevent dementia, Mao inhibitor, cell apoptosis, and probably more I am forgetting.

Negative is th as t it can cause anemia, and it is recommended that you eat liver once a week, or take an iron supplement.
People use higher doses of Methylene blue, but 1mg/day is enough to reach peak concentration for the metabolic benefits. The higher doses people take make it more MAO-I, and at some point it loses its selectivity. I did the 1mg/day for 3 weeks, and got some mild benefit, but wanted to cycle off any MAO inhibition for a while.
I'm experimenting with the Methylene blue nootropic since August, so difficult to reach to a verdict mainly for the dosage.
I just took 30 mg 30 minuties ago and definitely has a very nice nootropic effect, especially in the attention and energy sensation. My last dosage schedule was 100 mg however I'm with doubts about that dosage, basically for a side effect called "Dysuria" = urinary tract irritation, that sided effect is reported, this secondary effect been reported in studies, it is not something that only happens to me, but apparently not happens to everyone. I can't find studies with the perfect dosage, one old study with depressed patients used 15 mg, however a recent study with fobic patients used 200 mg in doses of 86 mg... However the rule is that 0,5 - 4 mg/kg is considered a low dose of methylene blue, but that dosage range is used with rats and humans, so I'm bit confused with that thing.
Today I up'd the dose of Methylene Blue to 2.8mg. Here is my methylene blue and experience. I felt a strong sense of energy. like if each cell was exploding with energy, I felt a decrease in anxiety, had a sort of focus vision, everything seemed 5% brighter. Unfortunately of fortunately I got extremely thirsty. I drank water all day and water tasted awesome. No weird come downs or side effects. Took 1.6mg in morning and 1.2mg at 5pm. Just to be clear, I also took 10g of Kratom, top of the line Multi-Vitamin, Pregnenolone 10 mg, DHEA 10mg and ran out of Progesterone so I took the last drops;about maybe 9mg whe I usually do 20 mg. also Roobois tea and chop up abou 2 grams of tumeric daily with my Roobois tea with black pepper and Coconut oil and coffee in the morning. Assam tea with 80mg caffeine but I drink it for the L-Theanine I grow my tumeric so I know is of the best quality. Next week I will add Tianeptine in place of Kratom and add Moringa from a tree I planted thats big enough to harves a few months of leaves. In top of that I use all kinds of essential oils like lavender, Thieves protection and frankinsense.
I have taken upwards of 4mg of methylene blue with serotonin agents and Mao b inhibitors with no negative side effects... I think that the maoi scare is a little far fetched. Either that or I have bunk methylene blue but considering the fact that my urine looks like I ate a highlighter after large doses and my mouth looks like I sucked off a smurf, I don't think that's the case and I can conclude that methylene blue is a very safe compound.
I am loving methylene blue!!! It feels very anxiolytic, I am picking up new information much quicker, and definitely notice an increase in memory formation as well as past memories and emotions being brought up. I feel much more confident in approaching strangers and a lot more comfortable during conversation. If I put a drop on the bak of my tongue and swallow it rather than trying it sublingually the staining isn't much of an issue, but if I do it sublingual I have to wash my mouth with mouth wash and teeth whitener to get most of it off. Libido also shot through the roof, idk what that's about.
My current stack is:
150-300mcg Methylene Blue 3-4x daily
20mg Tianeptine 3-4x daily
30mg Memantine
1mg rasagiline E.O.D.
12.5mg CBD
3G Kratom 2x daily
Other things I take on occasion are:
500mg ashwagandha ksm as needed
250-300mg phenylpiracetam
200-600mg theanine
For a 1% methylene blue solution:

1g per 100ml=10mg/ml. 500mcg per drop. 5 drops =2500mcg/590 drops in an oz=4.2mcg per drop

In this case, instead of adding 1 drop, add 5 drops from the starting solution and fill a 1 ounce tincture bottle. Start with 5 drops from this diluted solution to test for reaction and increase by 5 drops after each subsequent use until you get to 15 or 20 drops, just like before.
My 0.02$: use a tiny dose (one drop diluted and maybe even space the drinking of said fluid out during the day) and increase it very slowly (the NO synthase inhibition is powerful, if you've ever had rosacea or are easily prone to blushing you will see what I mean here). I used it for oral hygeine as well, though I can feel some tightness or soreness around my heart from using it in either context. Be careful with this one: it's strong stuff.
I noticed that methylene blue gave me mild tension in my shoulders and made me lose bodyfat in my face to the point that people were asking me if I was eating enough, so I only take it ocassionally. I personally found that I preferred a much lower dose of methylene blue nootropic than what many other people were taking. YMMV, it makes my bulletproof coffee feel much much stronger. So when I take it, I am much more sensitive to other things. I will also echo, Be careful with this one, as well as any other Maoi's.
I find it to be sort of like curcumin, but mitochondrial. No real MAOi at low doses, and more adaptenogenic. Good for memory consolidation, sustained energy, and is anxiolytic. I mix a dilution = to roughly 4mcg/drop and take ~10 drops mixed with whatever in the morning. Just start small and slightly increase. I wouldn't go above 100mcg/day.
Methylene Blue is a potent PDE5 agonist. It's literally the antidote for Viagra. Good for shrinky dink. I keep it around in case something causes a migraine, which of course never happens. I sometimes take it though to try and 'feel' for the mitochondria. Just don't take it before sex.
My partner and I have used methylene blue almost every day (typically ~20 mg/day) for nearly 3 years to treat depression. Given its effects (MAO-A inhibition), I can easily imagine how it would treat anxiety.

Beyond the generic, obligatory warning about MAOIs in general, though, please note that methylene blue's neuroprotective effects are highly dose-dependent. Human studies have shown that the optimal dose for treating dementia is around 25 mg/day; and animal studies have shown that, at some dose between the human equivalents of 35 mg/day and 350 mg/day (albeit by IV), its effects go from mildly neuroprotective to profoundly neurotoxic. If you decide to try it, be careful about the dose.
i tried it about 2-3 years ago. the effects were subtle, but it gave me a good energy boost with mental clarity. then i stated taking bigger doses and i pissed blue all the time.
The most cheap and effective nootropic what i found was Methylene Blue (not Methyl Blue!) the nootropic dosage is very very low (micrograms or nanograms) is a long time used substance, more than 200 years ago, used for many diseases before of the modern medicine and in some psychiatric usages. Is cheaper and largely available because is used in aquaculture as a treatment for fungus in fish. There are many topics about it in some foruns on the internet. More important is...there scientific studies of your effect nootropic , neuroprotective, anti oxidant effect, slow senescence and Alzheimer (Amyloids), mithocondrial enhancing, memory enhacing effect, cognitive enhancing, research in depression, anxiety and parkison, increase brain oxygen usage improving memory and others. Dosage is 60mcg and the price is more or less $3-4 or less. Higher dosages don't have nootropics effects, dosage is important and the secret here, because Methylene blue nootropic have many uses dependent of the dosage, so be careful, another precaution is that, methylene Blue is MAOi.
Generally considered risky taken in doses above 5mg. One would be in big trouble if combined with 5-HTP. To play it safe probably best not to mess around with Methylene Blue, or at least be very careful, else you could end up taking Piracetam not just as a Nootropic but for Myoclonus a side effect of Serotonin Storm.

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