My psychiatrist prescribed me Methylpenidate to treat ADHD. I wonder if it would be a good solution on the long run when you think about possible side effects ex. neurotoxicity?
Worked like shit for me.. what I would recommend is selegiline instead, along with moclobemide, l-theanine, low dose piracetam & memantine. Also huperzine a. Doesn't affect your appetite as much (maybe the first few days of selegiline but that'll also come with a libido boost), moclobemide is also an antidepressant without the typical side effects that SSRI/SNDRI etc has. Does wonders for ADHD. Memantine prevents glutamate toxicity, calms you down and provides a nice focus. Top it with low dose piracetam and some l-theanine for more relaxant effects and BAM. I can almost guarantee you'll be happy
More relevant answer to your question, these compounds are supposed to increase your life expectancy, prevent alzheimers and other cognitive decline diseases. I read it's a good thing to start early on these MAO inhibitors (selegiline & moclobemide)
When you acquire a synthetic brain, then synthetic chemicals may become solutions, but until then, synth chems are only temporary symptom suppressors, not cause treaters
Sorry but both dexdrine and methylphenidate are inferior for longterm use when compared to Selegiline + Moclo + low dose PEA (30-60mg). Clean focus, no comedowns, no insomnia, no anxiety just pure motivation and clarity. PEA+Seleg > all synthetic stims I have ever tried. I will never go back, the side effects are NOT worth it.
maybe not take it everyday, especially coz the plasma halflife is 15 hours. methylphenidate is more powerful but not worth it. 2,5 hours halflife and mean sideeffects plus rebound. 80mg gave me some kind of euphoria compared to 300mg tramadol but the come down is even worse. if i do modafinil i only use 50-100mg. it s buttersmooth.
tolerance and dependence are basically inevitable, so no, any substance that directly acts on dopamine is not a long-term "solution" to anything. It might be useful as a tool to really crack down on a project once in a while, but daily use is ill-advised. Some people who use these drugs for many years gain a permanent tolerance and then are never the same without the drug. Be careful messing with your brain over time. Even caffeine is suspected to permanently alter cognition in the long run.
it's great for short term, a few weeks or months, or maybe if you really need to get something done etc, or if you are very good at discipline and moderation in general. It is not good if you have any health problems specifically liver or kidney or heart issues etc. It is horrible to use long term, consistently or without large breaks/cycling. If you use it too much, it will cause depression and it is addictive.
I have a verifiable case of someone who used a combo of Uridine monophosphate, CDP choline, and a few other compounds that tapered off of Methylphenidate, continued to use above stack, and has not only great benefits, but zero side effects.

Ritalin is notorious for inducing GI issues, among other things.

Msg me if you need documented details.
With these types of things it's trial and error including nootropics. why don't u try it for a little while and see if it even helps or not. If it helps and u can tolerate it then that's not bad. Methylphenidate is a simple medication compared to some of the more serious medications with major side effects.

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