Hi, anyone tried mixing nootropics with E-juice for vaping? Any effects?
There are a host of reasons this is unwise. Not all compounds remain unchanged when vaped, and not all compounds are best absorbed through the lungs. Nootropics were intended to be used to become healthier.
Since nootropics like noopept. Has significant derict effect in cognitive, and mostly in brain functions, if it ingested directly to brain, by smoking it will be more effective way rather than passing through the liver ..never tried it before. just an idea
I think its a great idea. Humanity has been successfully smoking all sorts of stuff for centuries and vaping appears a safer more effective modality than smoking. I think its a tad fear mongering to have a blanket proscription against vaping noots or anything. Just go to a church or temple whatever and religions have been using things like frankincense and myrrh for tens of centuries to install heightened states of conspicuousness. The fact is we dont have good evidence based data but the gas exchange route is an efficient one and bypasses the strong acidic environment of the digestive track - hence if you are worrying about compounds being broken down before they can get to the bloodstream - vaping and trans dermal in my mind is preferable to IV or IM .. seems logical.
How do you propose to control the dosing? It's just impractical, and in my opinion dangerous. You can't control or measure the amount ingested, rate of delivery, or changes in chemical composition. It isn't smart to heat things up. It isn't smart to inhale nootropics either. Mix both of those and you're going to have a bad time.
Why would you wanna do that? Is there a nootropic that has that poor oral bioavailability? You can not get high from nootropics with a few exceptions.
And one should be aware that some chemicals react with heat and change its composition into something different.
It would have to be a methylated isomer of a nootropic. Vaping MethylModafinil or Methylpiractetam. Don't try it, the chemical compositon changes when combustion occurs. There are much better methods of administration for nootropics.
There is no combustion in vaping if you do it right. You have a carrier juice that vaporises and carries your active ingredient with it. There is a temperature control setting so you can make sure you are below the burning point of the chemical you have added.
One thing to consider... If it damages your lungs. What will you use to breath? I would want to do above normal research to make sure no short term or long term effects. Research Hydergine and why we don't take that anymore. That was an ingestible too. Inhaled increases risk many fold. These are not things with thousands of years and millions of test subjects like cannabis or eucalyptus or rosemary.

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