Dopamine related questions. Only reply if you know or have educated guesses, no “hunches” or shitposting please.
I take Dexedrine 1mg daily for a small boost in executive function. I also sometimes take Moclobemide 75mg for mood. Would the Moclo here help enhance/extend the effects of the Dex? If so, should they be taken together, or one before the other?
Bonus question: I have DL-PA too, wondering if it’s a bad idea or not to throw that into the mix? If it’s alright, should I take it before the other two, with them, or hours later?
The dlpa has been shown to repair the pathways in your brain that dompamageric drugs run through.. Dlpa is great for the come down on stimulants.. But its also a grest potentiator.. Only with selegiline do u have to be weary about dlpa usage
1mg of dexedrine is sub theraputic so im not sure the effect its having on you.. Even as a child i was prescribed 15mg minimum/ daily.. So if you want to potentiste the dex i would say half hour before.. If you want to fix the dopamine depletion (not sure the extent would be caused by only 1mg dex) i would say after its effects have worn off
I take 500mg DLPA twice a day with 500mg Alcar twice a day ... Good energy boost. Also take a good multi vitamin, l-leucine, turmeric and vinpocetine.... Seems to have synergy with Moclobemide and Selegiline
The problem/complication is that producing too much dopamine can destroy the delicate receptors and lead to addiction / withdrawal.

What happens in addiction is lethally simple. The reward pathways in the brain have been so overstimulated that the system basically turns on itself, adapting to the new reality of addiction.taking to many drugs along those lines that affects total brain dopamine levels, u will be effecting the Nucleus Accumbens and the motivational reward systems, but u will also be affecting the basal ganglia and the motor cortex.i know at least 12 people using much danger combo than the one u talked about of them died last week.dont overdose please.
DLPA will do nothing. Try the "mr happy stack" even though I have my doubts about that. Moclobemide effects dex not at all. And I agree with otoosan. This obsession with dopamine is ridiculoues. There are many more factors in play such as NE and what not. Hormones etc. etc. Maybe try the "my happy stack" for 3 months and see how it works. DLPA doesn't repair crap either, it is just a precursor to dopamine Because it adds dopamine doesn't mean it repairs the receptor. Most will agree it is the down regulation that is the problem. In essence, you might be adding a small amount of these hormones and amines into your system but you are doing nothing to repair the receptor site

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