I just want to quickly share my Moclobemide experience story.
A few months ago, I was experiencing a major bout of depression and social phobia/introversion. When I was younger, I was usually happy and outgoing, but the older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve gone into my own shell, which then compounded my depression.
I tried a lot of nootropics, and a few of them did help (Tianeptine, Taurine, DLPA, Theanine, etc) but I still struggled with anxiety when I was meeting new people. And what’s worse, I was unemployed, and getting a new job felt like the fear of public speaking x100.
Then I discovered Moclobemide  in the Nootropica group.  With all the glowing reviews, I decided that I should invest some of my very little remaining money to get some Moclobemide from him.
I got it, started taking it, and quickly realized how powerful it really is! In fact, this wasn’t so much of a nootropic as it was a powerful antidepressant drug. Which apparently is what I needed.
Long experience short, I continued taking Moclobemide for the past few months now, and I am here to report that it has helped me to not only overcome my social phobia (I’m meeting new people each weekend now), but also it and a few other noots together have helped me to perform well at interviews to finally get a new job!!
It never ceases to amaze me how really truly powerful chemicals can be in resolving odd malfunctions of the brain, mind and personality. I’m just so happy to have discovered what I need, and recommend anyone out there suffering with a similar experience to consider researching Moclobemide too.
I love moclobemide/selegeline/memantine with some use of smaller amounts of gabaergics, I got myself out of pain and with less of the bad (addictive) stuff and out of my funk. I've had to do a LOT of tweaking with other factors involved in my life right now, but..... It's been going much better since I was introduced to this! I'm going cold on the 1st. I understand it won't be bad, maoi wise. (Only cold on the maoi) to prepare for surgery. So headache (I have them chronically without it anyway, so no problem) and vivid dreams, yay! Gotta see the bright side, always.

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