I'm looking for some good recommendations for anxiety, depression, motivation stack faves. 
I'm about 4 months into ordering and trying various nootropics/supplements.. and am currently getting some relatively fair results with aniracetam, mucuna pruriens (l-dopa), l-theanine, glutamine, dl-phenylalanine, coffee, and adrafinil (along with some supportive vitamins, minerals, fish oil, etc..) 
Phenibut, too, has also been a great go-to but it's got some tolerance issues, isn't something I can take as often as I might like... and I am curious about tianeptine and especially kratom (but which might give me similar tolerance difficulties as the phenibut).
Also, I have struggled to self-medicate (stimulants, alcohol, marijuana, opiates, etc..) most of my adult life. I recently learned I have ADHD. I've attempted conventional (doctors) options over the years of anti-depressants that I did not respond well to, and that I prefer to avoid (generally).
I've heard moclobemide (as well as memantine & selegiline, I believe?) mentioned as a "savior" stack for some with similar anxiety/depression issues... and that it works wonders for some! But I have found that it requires a prescription here in the U.S.. 
Are there any moclo stack alternatives, or any other leads, thoughts, and recommendations PLEASE...?? 
Feedback welcome..!!
It's not illegal here its a prescription medication which you are allowed to import 3 months worth
I have tried tons of different noot combos.
I used to suffer from anxiety depression and was tired all the time with no motivation.
The best I found for focus is defo modafinil which I still use today prob twice a week

However I have done alot of research over the past on hgh and have been using it at a low dose for 2"months and in all honesty it has changed my life completely. Im 38 and I feel 20 again more energy, focus motivation, im losing my middle aged spread depression has lifted completely and anxiety is at my all time low
Moclobemide + Selegiline + memantine + tianeptine ( I include low dose piracetam but its optional)its my favourite stack.its by far the most effective stack for deep depression/gad/ocd/social phobia/dystemia/adhd without the nasty ssri's side effects.
With this combo i get one side effect: libido increase.. I believe its a good one!.i am using it myself,its a life saver.
Moclobemide selegiline and memantine are not illegal in the us. prescription only =/= controlled substance
I'm def thinking of just starting with Memantine to add to my stack. Not comfortable going the moclo + seleg route yet. I want to get a feel of what else is out there. As a bipolar sufferer I'm not supposed to use antidepressants so I have to research very deeply on those two before using them. I get my Rhodiola Rosea on Monday so I'll see how that works for me
I find L-tyrosine useful for all of the above, anxiety, depression, and motivation. I don't use it regularly only when I feel down or stuck in a rut.
l-theanine is actually sorta intense..focusing..it is the equivalent of a few cups of green or black teas....If you have found yourself liking either of these teas in the past, I would just try that out first... Especially if you're used to coffee or chocolate or whatever.
Make sure you take your mucuna WITH green tea. It activates it twice as much then without. Justin from Meridian recommended this to me when I first started Mucuna long ago, Since then I have always taken it every morning with green tea and it works soooo much better.

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