Does anyone know what effect, if any, Modafinil and Armodafinil have on the adrenal glands/adrenal hormones?
I know stims in general put more stress on the adrenals, but I'm not sure about Modafinil / Armodafinil since they aren't traditional stims. But unfortunately doctors either aren't educated about adrenal issues (in some cases don't even believe in them) or if they are, they don't know the ins and outs of Pro/Nuvigil, so I have nowhere else to ask this.
Modafinil is namely one of the drugs that can potentially cause adrenal stress. But because amphetamine based stimulants and Modafinil work differently the risk is slim compared to drugs such as; ritalin, Adderall, Vyvanse etc..
Modafinil and armodafinil work on what you have naturally, if you don't have those things, it doesn't work. Well, I used to say, if you don't have hypocretin or the receptors then the vigils don't work. Of course someone challenged me and I couldn't because of a lawsuit they went though saying that they wouldn't specify which neurotransmitters the vigils used to work because they do, sometimes use other neurotransmitters.

So, despite them having "natural" methods of stimulating the brain they are still stimulants and as Joseph has said they are considered lower class stims on the level of low dose ritalin, I personally don't agree that adderall and Vyvanse are on the same level but of course, all of this depends on how many milligrams. I do agree that they are definitely agree that they stress the adrenal glands and while I haven't seen anything in writing saying so, I would say that because of the way they work on what you have naturally, they probably stress the adrenal glands more than other stims. Also I don't say this very often but I was around when this was a new drug with only a number designation being tested on pwn volunteering and a bunch of those people were friends of my website. Calaphon was just a new drug dealer on the narcolepsy block.

I'd say it's not working for you and you should try a version of low dose methylphenidate and it's new enatiomier focalin to see if one of them could help.

Every drug has an opposite enatiomier, it's the reverse mirror image of the first one, almost. If you see them, one is a molecule different but not all of them are manufactured but in the case of modafinil , so many people were having bad reactions and many were allergic reactions that if they didn't do something the company would have gone under, so they created and released armodafinil and it worked, the people who couldn't take modafinil were able to take armodafinil but in the people who neither worked on, they had to move onto, what was then termed, real stimulants.

So, if modafinil worked for you in the past then there's a possibility that it would work now but a stimulant is a stimulant and they do tax the adrenals but me personally, I think you have less of a change of getting better on a stimulant that takes more of what you have naturally than one that triggers your alertness by synthetic means.

Yes there could be a point where nothing will help you but don't you think it would be better to try a synthetic to see if it might boost your immune system and your brain in general in hopes that you will begin to fight off the diseases. I definitely feel better when I take my stimulants and if I'm sick, my illness is often shorter when I keep taking them and now that I'm on a nice low 7.5 mg a day, I can still sleep if I want, usually about an hour after taking it.

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