I'm curious about the status of the UK's psychoactive ban. Perhaps some British Biohackers can tell me...
Is it effecting the availability of Modafinil much? Are you able to get Modafinil with a doctors prescription? Are they cracking down on the online Modafinil stores?
Is Modafinil use criminalized? Anyone familiar with the consequences if you get caught importing it? Or is is still highly available and easy to get your hands on?

It's illegal to supply, produce or possess illegal drugs and that doesn't stop people so good luck with this law. The only people affected by this law are the shops that have just lost half of their stock......


It was pointed out to the Government that a similar law introduced in Ireland a few years earlier. was unworkable, unenforceable and counter productive, but of course they insisted that the same law would work in the UK, because 'reasons.' smh


Uk psychoactive substances act is a poor law but it was done in a panic and during quite a public outcry for something to be done. Rushed laws are always poor and cant be enforced properly but they shut people up for a while. Thats good enough most of the time. I don't think modafinil will be affected by this law. It's just a schedule 4 medicine.


By making more stuff illegal the govt are making more untaxable products, and with less regulation this means that everyone turns to the black market. I already order modafinil online from India for almpst 3 years with no taxes. Everyone knows someone that can get a hold of various different types of drugs on "the street" and all that will happen is people will feel they have nowhere to turn. Being pro-legalisation for psychoactive drugs is not a crime, it is a political stance. The sooner more people wake up and realise this, the sooner we can create a new booming industry that will work wonders for the economy.


Legal highs like the spice and bath salts should be specifically made illicit and nonmanufacturable because they hurt people. What our government doesn't seem to understand, or maybe they do and just don't give a damn because they're profiting, is that in the decriminalisation of drugs.. that does not.. I repeat.. DOES NOT, make CRIME legal. A crime can only be and is only supported by the claim of a victim of personal or property damage.. Modafinil does not make one so ignorant that they wish to harm someone, at any point, unless they are a predominantly violent person to begin with. Also consider that the lack of control and failure to regulate any psychoactive substance makes it impossible to appropriate the strain to the individual and their specific needs and desires.


Medication would be legal... That's handy cos I got a huge migraine, could use some cannabis right about now.

Also food? So edibles officially legal? They can't pass this if the exceptions are so vague that just changing the view point on a drug can make it legal... I'm sorry officer but I'm selling cocaine for oral consumption, so this cocaine cake is perfectly legal... Sure you COULD just sniff the cake out of existence, and sure it's technically only one ingredient loosely packaged with a cake shape but... Legal!


Technically anything other than depression would be legal then. Any altered state of mind including positivity and above normal motivation would be technically "legally high" chemicals are released etc...legally/naturally. Maybe modafinil is in danger, who knows..Quite a stupid law.


The problem is banning doesn't work, we've been trying for over 80 years all over the world with punishments ranging from small fines to the death penalty and it hasn't made a difference. People will take drugs no matter what, the only thing we can control is whether the drugs are legal and safely made or whether they are illegal and can potentially kill (it's definitely not about the modafinil) because there are no laws or regulations governing their production.


I find disgusting. Few understand how dangerous these highs are. The worst is when a young kid od's doctors don't know what to do and have to leave them. Seen it first hand at festivals and it's scary. Those purchasing think they are buying safe products due to it being legal.


Parliament doesn't want to make it illegal because of the amount of taxable money that goes on legal highs, a lot of these legal highs are worse than the illegal ones, they just haven't been about as long as the illegal drugs so the stats don't look as bad compared to heroin and crack and so on but then there is cannabis which is illegal which is scientifically proven to be non lethal so there is clear inconsistences that need t be sorted out it should be based on harmfulness and addiction levels which is he on ours choose this matter


 These anti-research laws like uk psychoactive ban are among the stupidest, and there have been some really stupid ones. The people who got these laws passed had no clue about the drugs, they just reacted to the idea of altered mental states. Open them up. There was no such reaction to opiates and opioids, which are classified even today as less 'dangerous' than the psychoactive compounds. I think modafinil is not the substance of the big interest.


Drug laws are rarely about health or safety. They're usually about targeting undesirable groups of people. Clearly, if it were about health and/or safety, research would be permitted and even encouraged. Instead, they're slapped with "Category 1", which really isn't about the potential for medical use, it's about just how much the government doesn't like hippies, or ravers, etc.

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