Modafinil benefits vs risks / side effects

Wouldn’t suggest using any substance that potent just to get a mental edge more than once or twice a week. Should only be used regularly if it’s an absolute must.


I love it, SunModalert is my favourite!  but I learnt the hard way to be careful of it. Don't be stupid like me and drink alcohol with it. Ever... ended up going absolutely crazy (which wouldn't have happened on moda alone or alcohol alone). Risks with moda are overstimulation - take care if you have an underlying anxiety condition. If I take too high a dose (200mg) I can be left shaking and in tears, paranoid and jumpy. That said, I freaking LOVE modafinil as it saves me when I need to stay awake and keep focused. It's brilliant. I only take 50mg as that dosage is suitable for me. Start on a low dose and see how it affects you before trying the standard dose. It's powerful 

Jason P

As someone that has a chronic illness and has a rX for Nuvigil( modafinil, armodafinil, wakelert...) I will attest to the fact that it did most definetly increase my capabilities as a whole, not so much physically as in strength, but mental capacity, memory, delegation, situational fractional decisions... as far as side effects? I cleaned everything, I ate way better than I normally would, and found myself doing jobs for other people I wouldn't have normally done just because I wanted to help and knew I could. And... I wish I could afford it, but here I am without it...


 It's pretty similar to any other stimulant, even if it's not exactly a stimulant--short-term benefits that you'll pay for with long-term deficits. Great as a tool, not so great as a supplement to daily life. It lies somewhere between caffeine and amphetamine


 I took it (neo modafinil) regularly for 3 years. No long term damage or side effects but I did push myself into a pretty bad state of adrenal fatigue from relying too much on the drug and not sleeping. Use sparingly if you need to and make sure you give yourself plenty of rest afterwards so your brain can recover from the high output


Took 50mg yesterday, did give me focus and mental clarity but it caused me to be anxious and my heart rate increased


i take 50 mg a day to feel normal and sociable at work, 100mg is overkill and it's hard to control my behavior. it's been almost a year and i'm actually able to sleep at the end of the day after taking it around 4pm, but i go to sleep late normally like 2-3am. if i get plenty of rest the day before taking it i have a hard time going to sleep and megadose theanine to knock me out.

there are some days i forget to take it and that's not something happens with most stimulants. i usually get by fine too it's not like i fiend for it. it's just a nice boost (definitely benefit ) so i don't need as much coffee to stay alert. you don't forget something you're addicted to, but the effects are diff on diff people obviously.


(benefits) I felt no tiredness or need for sleep for consecutive hours, allowing me to study for extended periods of time. Taking it in the day of my exam I felt my brain just clicks, I just didn't have any brain lag.

(risks / side effects) It induced anxiety in me. If I took it after 11 am it ruined my sleep. 

Pro tip: take it with piracetam for best results +some coffee!


Risk: Potentially headaches 

Benefit: Staying awake is easy, increased focus and mental alertness. 

That's what the evidence says.

Sadly, in my experience it really didn't even work that noticeable. Pretty much shit except staying awake is easy. I used it back in the day when I had to do 12 hour night shifts.

But after all, I actually prefer caffeine personally.


Risk - histamine intolerant folks report some issues. 

Risk - your genes suck and you get no wakefulness benefit even at 400mg can take a nap. 

Benefit - you have the brain and genes for it and it helps your fatigue and adhd as it does for some. 

Benefit - not everyone gets a tolerance issue. 

Risk - some people get tolerance I guess.


Surprisingly, I like it (neo modafinil) a lot. I enjoy its effects on cognitive performance and feel a keen sense of heightened alertness as I am under its influence. I also think that it’s effects are enhanced when combined with bulletproof coffee.

Yesterday, I bought some Brain Octane Oil and grass-fed unsalted butter and was able to combine both without any issues.


Benefit: wakefulness possibly some focus

Risk: increase allergic response, possibility (rare) of TENS AND Steven Johnson's syndrome.

I've been back to using small amounts of armodafinil recently and I've been pleased. With the weather as it is in my area some 3rd generation antihistamines help (I already have seasonal allergies) without blunting the effect too much. (Zyrtec works good for me.


Start out low dose, take it as soon as you wake up. I take it at 6 and Im still not tired till midnight. Take the weekends off. Plenty of water and no alcohol. Headaches are common so you'll want to have a game plan for if you experience them. It was a game changer for me. Allows me to not feel like my head is foggy and actually be able to focus.c

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