Hi everyone. Modafinil works for me great. Unfortunately, after a few days of taking ed stops working and appear nausea, headaches etc. How to go away from this?
Modafinil & Armodafinil produced reactions similar to this in me, but it sounds like yours are much more severe. I would discontinue use & talk to your doctor. Surprisingly, traditional stimulants do not seem to have the same unpleasant effect on me
Stop taking modafinil. It sounds like you're having an adverse reaction to it. At the very least, step down to the original lower dose while you try to contact your doctor.

I just went through the same issues, but forced myself to suffer through it because my doctor disregarded my complaints. I thought I was dying. Well, turns out I was.

I ended up in the ER with SJS after being stuck on my floor for 3 days barely able to move, talk, etc. My mucous membranes dried out (eyes, sinuses, lungs) and my skin was cracking and peeling on my hands, face, neck and chest.

Holding things with my hands hurt so bad I had to stop using them. I had to wear work gloves for two weeks while I bathed my hands in Vaseline so they would stop leeching moisture out of my body.

That being said, I hope I'm wrong about your situation. But if I'm right about what's happening to you, you need to get off of it and get medical treatment as soon as possible. Don't let this progress, and don't let your doctor blow you off.
oh and you need a lot of water...i have had other people tell me they are chemically sensitive...when all was said and done , they were not as chemically sensitsive as they were dehydrated, they were not flushing out the meds fast enough with enough fluids (this one had a kidney problem) the other just needed to drink a gallon of water a day with his meds and it was fine. That cause nausea and headache
Perhaps too much activacion of histamine receptors. Isn't a good idea to take Modafinil everyday in higher doses like 200 mg.
Use it every each other day and support your body with right nutrients.
You may also consider supplementing B- vitamins in activated forms, which are crucial for increased production of neurotransmitters influenced by Modafinil.
its best to ahve other supplements stacks. And modaifinil breaks (2days) or modafinil vacations/washout (7days) microdosing works wonders for me like 50-75mg now and the otehr half later. I dont bother to take coline supplements (for headaches) cause i eat a lot of eggs (has choline) but i am intersted in t king l-theanine for weeks i need continuos administration when i cant afford to take breaks,..but since i dont buy l-theanine yet i drink a butt load of green tea as an alternative

bottomline research your condition (sideeffects) when yout ake mod and buy the supplement or find an alternative (see above)

other supplements i take with mod
- multivitamins that include amino acids and ginseng
- alkaline-chlorophyll tablets like spirulina
- fish oils
Try taking ginger. I have had nausea problems all my life. It was worse on modafinil but ginger in capsule and crystallized ginger helped me a lot.
I've had days like that... I now have a 7-day pill box, so I know whether I have taken my meds... I have alarms set on my phone to remind me to take my meds...

For the pain and headaches, what helped the most was when I went onto Baclofen... I take it for sleep... Since adding Baclofen, I sleep much better, stay awake all day, and it has immensely helped the fibromyalgia pain and migraines...

I also take Sudafed PE with my regular meds... I also use nasal irrigation to clear up the nasal gunk...
Yes I get side effects and yes some days they work better than others it maybe the dose. The main side effects I get are headaches which travel around my head at the side of head and I also get numbness in my face and cheeks sometimes. I have had tingling my left side to, but I am not sure if that's the meds or my back as I get upper back pain which could be how I sit or I think maybe Cataplexy!
I would say allergies and maybe dehydration. Try allergy meds and try drinking more water. Modafinil and armodafinil are the same substance so i doubt you would be allergic to the drug itself, but you might be reacting to one of the inactive ingredients. Lots of pills use gluten and other allergens as a binding agent.
Water is very important to avoid headache and nausea.

I take 400mg of Modafinil a day, plus up to 80mg of Ritalin, and I am always thirsty. When I forget to stay hydrated with water, I pay for it later. Every so often I will grab an energy drink and if I do not also drink water, I pay in an even bigger way later on. Caffeine can be dehydrating, so even though I don't feel thirsty, my body knows it is lacking something.

The first few days of taking Modafinil were the toughest. After the 3rd or 4th day, my body seemed to adjust. I think I started out with 200mg per day, then moved to 400mg and eventually up to 600mg. I am back down to 400mg a day because my insurance now requires a note from my doctor with each refill and the hassle of that isn't worth it.

Depending on the day and what I have planned, three hours is the point I need to decide if I should take my second dose of Modafinil, or take 10-20mg or Ritalin so I can get through another hour or so to take the final dose of Modafinil.

I have been taking Modafinil since it was first given FDA approval in 1998. The only time I'm stoped taking it (and the Ritalin) was while I was pregnant.
I was told my headaches would go away, and they did. They weren't as severe as the ones you got later in the day, but likely more like the ones you had earlier.

Keep in mind that if you take it really early (like 7 AM or so) it's gonna wear off late afternoon-evening so its likely that event that is giving you problems. Could this be your body's reaction to being up and about for so long? Obviously I don't know your habits or anything so it's hard to give a clear suggestion. My dad had severe headaches from taking it (he does not have N, he just needed something to help him stay awake because he is old lol). The medicine is definitely not for everyone.
I take Modafinil...100mgs a day in the AM unless I need another in the afternoon. I am fine with 100mgs. Originally though I was prescribed 200mgs 1x a day, and 200mgs was too much - jittery, felt like I could feel my brain working (which was uber weird), dizzy, headaches, and trips to the bathroom. 100mgs is good for me! The headaches do lessen and go away - they were awful in the beginning.
I can't do stimulants at all. Drinking lots of water and trying to go to sleep before the full migraine hits can help, but I try it maybe 2 or 3 times a year on special occasions when I HAVE to stay awake, and know going in it will take me a couple days to recover.

Strict sleep schedule, and nighttime meds, have worked better for me.
I personally take zofran to combat my nausea. But mine is not only from the stimulants, but from migraines and pancreatitis as well. But even still, in my opinion, the zofran that dissolves on the tongue is like a Godsend- #1- it dissolves so it works super fast, and you don't have to worry if you vomit, wondering after you took a pill how much of it you may have vomited, vs how much already got in your system, and #2- it doesn't make you sleepy like it's sister drugs, phenergan, compazine & Reglan. I'm not suggesting anyone use a certain medication, I'm just saying that if your nausea can't be controlled, definitely ask your doctor- he/she should understand and gladly let you try something to help- I could only assume it would likely be zofran though, because of it being one of the only antiemetics that don't cause severe drowsiness.
Water, Gatorade and bananas help bring my migraines down to a headache level. I'm on adderall, same side effect for me though.
Modafinil takes 5 days to reach the desired, steady levels in your blood stream - it has to build up in your system first. If you are experiencing headache and nausea on day one, there are three possibilities:

1) What you're feeling is completely unrelated (of a different cause) and coincidental.
2) What you're feeling is a manifestation of your stress about taking the medication (e.g. a placebo effect, you were so worried about taking it you made yourself feel poorly on accident).
3) These are true side effects & will continue to worsen if drug levels in your bloodstream continue to rise with continued administration.

I would not take it in the morning & call your prescribing doctor. Mine told me that if I had any side effects when starting it I should stop taking it, wait a few days, and then try it again... But you should consult with your doctor, of course. And make sure you're in a healthy state of mind when you take it (don't expect side effects, just expect to feel better).
ALL stimulants have side effects. You WILL feel different taking them. The key is to try to find something that helps with keeping you awake and side effects that you can live with.

I have been taking modafinil for about 6 months. It definitely has helped increase my ability to ignore my exhaustion, helps limit my afternoon automatic behaviors and helped me to finally lose some of the weight I have been struggling to lose for 5 years. I don't often take naps as I have to sleep long and usually wake up miserable, but I like that I still CAN nap on modafinil. (When I tried Adderal, I was often forced to nap as energy crashed between my doses. Would wake up from a nap with a racing heart.)

Headache initially for the first week or two went away.
Dry mouth is persistent. I carry a beverage with me everywhere now.
I had increased anxiety/mania but wasn't at a dose where it kept me fully awake, so I had to add in an antidepressant before I could increase to a more beneficial dosage. I also use cannabis to help keep me chill.
Nighttime sleep is worse.
I'm rarely hungry, forget to eat, and often only eat late at night when I realize I haven't eaten all day. I miss WANTING to eat food. Cannabis helps with this also.
I also have some weird muscle tensions in my lower body. I'm often strongly tensing my legs and glutes. Am aware but can't release the tension. Toned legs/ass as an unconscious benefit, I guess. Lol

I'm not big on medication in general, but decided I had to give it a fair shot. It's definitely not a cure, but can help get you through if you can manage the symptoms of taking it. I personally don't see myself taking it forever, but I'm managing at the moment (which is business as usual with narcolepsy.). Go into it with an attitude of 'increasing your quality of life' and constantly keep reassessing. I prefer my tired state to my medicated state, as it feels NORMAL to me. But it's hard to be a functional human in my tired state and everyone around me suffers. Best of luck!
Hydrate urself plenty , Keep count of hours slept throughout the week. I dont drink on it I end up not remebering anything dont know if thats just me and Vitamin K, A, C and E for the circles you start getting under ur eyez.
Big trick with modafinil is to plan your day and run thorough the tasks. If you have a sequence of stuff to do, you wont digress as much. At least that's how it works for me. I take 200mg when I need it and it works fine. Remember to take it 1st thing in the morning and give 15hrs until you plan to go to sleep
Get a pill splitter from the pharmacy. Cut pill in two (halves) for 100mg dose, and then further cut each halve in two (quarters) for 50mg dose.

May I suggest also taking a good Multi-Vitamin, Mineral & Herbs (Super Green Foods) blend & Omega 3-6-9 Complex as a strong base. Helps to reduce tolerance, etc.
My perfect combo was half a 100 mg tab of modafinil, boosted with half a tab of sinemet 100/25. This was like the best cup of coffee you ever had, with no shakes or squits and it lasted all day. The sinemet adds a confidence, motivation, focus and mild grandiosity, that can be lacking from the relatively gentle and characterless stimulation of the modafinil. The low modafinil dose does means you have much more of a chance of getting to sleep later and your stash lasts twice as long.
Choline will likely help with the headaches - the anxiety probably not so much and is likely an inevitable side effect you'll find with most stimulants. Modafinil is also more dopaminergic than noradrenergic so Id say that most stimulants will most probably give you that anxious feel..
CHOLINE!!!! Also I never relay on just Modafanil or Adrafanil by themselves. I'll stack Low / moderate dose along w Aniracetams (Phenylracetam works great too if you want something a lil more energetic.)

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