100mg Modafinil + 2x 0.8mg nicotine cigarettes after almost a year.
The focus & clarity is way too awesome!
I don't want to continue smoking for obvious reasons.
What're the pros & cons of nicotine as a study aid? 
Any members using it for same purposes here?
& if, if I'm thinking to go for electronic cig with whatever nicotine stuff they use as cartridge then, whatare the safe concentrations I should be looking to get?

Nicotinic acid is an anti-hallucinagen and it improves blood flow, oxygen absorption, and cleanses cell receptor sites.

Look up tabbaco juicing


Nicotine has been said to be a great nootropic but the negetive effects outweigh the positives. Its obviously very addictive and I've experieneced this first hand, hard to quit smoking and vaping is a good alternative(I use 5-6.5mg juice) but I really wish I hadnt started smoking or vaping. Currently in the process of quitting nicotine and I only smoke ciggies every other day but would suggest everyone to steer clear of ciggies due to obvious reasons and nicotine in general. You can try the gum as I've heard it can be less addictive but I would suggest the use of other noots.


Modafinil is quite the opposite of what you stated. It increases anxiety. So this is definitely not a good solution for what you want


I take adafinil and vape nicotine (im an ex smoker). vaping is much safer than smoking but you could use nicotine patches or lozenges instead if you no longer wanted to smoke. I currently vape at 18mg strength but you can usually get the cartridges in 12,6,3 and Omg nicotine.


Nicotine is NOT tobacco. It lacks the MAOI beta-carbolines that give an extra mood boost and as such is also less habit forming. Look into Swedish snus portions -- steam cured so far lower nitrosamine count. Swedes have lower cancer rates, including oral cancer than the rest of Europe where snus can't be sold even though 20% of Swedes use Snus. General white is available in many parts of the U.S. Healthy? No. Harm reduction? Yes.


I started taking 200mg in the morning for being tired all the time. I'm going to get down to the bottom of the issue, but the Modafinil is helping for now. Anyway, it eliminates my cravings for vaping/nicotine almost completely. I haven't vaped in about 2 days since I feel like I have enough after 3 inhales from a 3mg sub ohm device. Also, it doesn't help that I am on day 3 of Kratom withdrawal from taking 18 grams every day (all at once). I mean the anxiety isn't that bad, but it is pretty noticeable. So now I am withdrawing from a natural opioid and nicotine... Ugh. Somehow the Modafinil makes the anxiety worse, but more manageable if that makes sense.

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