hey guys i would like to have some quick advice, but before i do so here is some brief context; currently standing at a not so great situation, big exams are about in 3 months, a lot is needed to be done and learned. Moreover, i'm lacking motivation and looking for efficient learning to memorize (ex: history, philosophy) need something only for when i need to get stuff done
And now i've been seen lots of reviews about the widely known nootropic Modafinil
- Is there any of you that use it?
After deep internet research I have found few modafinil vendors with probably a best price for Modafinil:
1) Modafinilbooster 
2) RxRex or, not sure, Rx rex (reddit seller, no website)
3) Modadropship (reddit seller, no website)
if you have any reviews about these sellers for this nootropic & if you have any other recommendations it would be very much appreciated. Thank you
I have never tried Rx rex or modadropship, but I did try a third site. Last month, I bought my first order from Modafinilbooster. The delivery was a little slow, due it getting stuck somewhere along the shipping route, which at the time made me a little anxious. It did eventually arrive, after 2 weeks of being trapped along the way. The problem turned out to be the postal system in my own country and nothing to do with the Indian side. The export from India was quick and the package arrived on my side within a couple of days.

The product I ordered was Modalert - modafinil from Sun Pharma. I had heard that the pills were meant to have a sickly sweet flavor. What I ordered tasted as described, which gave me confidence in the product’s quality and authenticity.

After taking the pills for a while, I can state that they are effective and strong. I’m still deciding whether the modafinil experience is for me but if I continue with it, I’ll definitely be ordering from modafinilbooster again. I believe all online sellers like RxRex or Modadropship does sell the same Modalert brand since this is a top selling brand over the internet. Modafinil does seem to give me the great powers of concentration people have spoken about yet I also experience an odd, mild sensation of calm euphoria. This certainly feels good but I’m not sure it will ultimately aid me in my goal of being more productive. My purpose in taking Modafinil is not to feel good but to work harder, after all.

I should also point out that I’m not among those who were requested to review the site. I found modafinil booster by myself and received no discount on my order. I was just a regular customer and did not distinguish myself during any part of the ordering process.

I got in touch with the company to ask about the shipping delay. I was not too impressed by their reply, which took about two days to come through. However, when they eventually got back to me they were very professional and polite. They soon diagnosed the problem (that being the postal service on my side) and gave me some good advice on how to best resolve it.

One thing which worried me about the company is the fact that many of their reviews are by people with no prior posts. Some of these people have likely just created an account for the sole purpose of leaving a review, whether or not they’ve sampled the products, and some just want to stay anonymous. After all, nootropics are still rather controversial.

All in all, I’d say the site offers good service and fair prices, (honestly, it is the cheapest I have ever seen), as well as professional customer support. If your experience is anything like mine, you will find yourself satisfied!
Just tried Modafinilbooster I placed an order for 50 Modafinil pills of 200 mg. potency a week ago and got them this morning. That’s only 5 working days for shipping, which is great. I liked the fact that you sent an order confirmation a few hours after my order went through. The shipping tracker wasn’t as great, it showed that a delivery attempt failed somewhere after the 3rd working day but it seems this was an error. I contacted Parcel Force who said they had no such package and I never got a slip to say a delivery man had visited and found me not at home.

Anyway, the pills arrived in a small white package, which was nicely discreet. It was able to enter my letter box so there was no need for me to sign for the delivery. That was also good, although I noticed that the package had been slit open and resealed. I’m guessing some customs agent inspected it and let it through.

The pills were exactly as shown on the site. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m pretty sure they’re the real McCoy.

For the checkout process, I was intending to use either bitcoins or my pre-paid VISA gift card to improve my privacy. When it came down to it, I got impatient and just used my debit card. That went through fine and I’ve had no issues with the card since that time.

I also have to rate the company highly on their prices, as their Modafinil 200 mg. was cheaper than the other online pharmacies I’ve looked at. I paid only $50 for the 50 tablets but it seems I can get that down to if I order larger quantity.

To sum it all up, this company offers great pricing, fast shipping and packaging that gets through customs without trouble. Very impressed!
Here is my review. I've been using Modafinil on a dayly bases for 2 months. 200 mg dose or 200 mg morning + 100 mg at noon. Lately I don't know why, I've started self doubting the safety of this and also started to become concerned about if I am doing a smart dosage / frequency and if I am setting myself to develop tolerance, since I kind of not feel such a "boost" effect I believe lately. That usage has been based on Dave Asprey's testimonial. My source is from Modadropship, which delivers generic fabricated in Sun Pharma and is a reliable vendor. I'l definitely try another vendors like modafinilbooster or rxrex but I also want to know your comments and experience on that! Also, I don't feel like an increased desire to work or get things done during the last weeks, which I believe I did more at the beginning (kind of still lazy on some regards, i.e. Starting the Gym etc). MANY THNKS!!!
Stop using it daily. The Modafinil is fine. It's a tool. Don't take it everyday. Sounds like you're building a tolerance. You shouldn't depend on it to inspire you to not be lazy. The idea is for it to provide momentum so you don't always have to use it. If you don't change yourself & your habits on your own, nothing will do it for you. Use your Willpower. Your body is a rhythmic machine. Anything done too often will bog it down. Diversify your Noot intatke and your life. It'll help immensely.
I did try RxRex. Delivery was fine, I believe the product is legit however Modafinil almost killed me. Put me in the hospital with body-covering pressure target hives (Erythema Multiforme Minor). The attention effect were weak at best.. the wakefulness promoting effects were fine. I spent multiple weeks fighting an out of control histamine system that moda essentially broke. I'm sure it's not rx rex fault. Crisis over after a few weeks ,but years later I still have some issues from it.
I want to warn you, do not order from 1pharmacy.net I got it from a buddy who was researching with me who obviously didn't do enough research (the website looks legit). I wish I could find modadropship or RxRex earlier, but that wasn't a case, so continue writing my review.. Regarding Visa and supplier, I paid for express shipping. Supplier ( 1pharmacy) shipped two weeks late and stopped answering my emails as an extra "fuck you". None of the contact info on their website works. Its a sham. I am all for sharing responsibility from a legitimate business. When you stop talking to your customers, something is not legitimate. I used are good in this sense. Should have known when they made social security number a part of the buying process. Started catching on when they accepted a fake SS#. Also, legitimate businesses don't ignore their customer's questions. , ESPECIALLY after something has gone wrong. When they were answering questions early on, their emails (which should have been stock emails in a legitimate business) were in horribly broken English. Their website gives the impression they're a US/Canade/Britain company. Bottom line...run a real, legitimate business or get the fuck out. Don't charge me, in time or money, for your learning curve. Right now I deal with modadropship,

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