Modafinil vs brain plus iq, can you please share your experience?

I haven't found any review or info on brain plus iq. Can't say anything. Modafinil is truly working substance and it beats all supplement stacks. The modafinil version I'ver tried is Modalert I bought from "Neomodafinil" for less than 1$/pill.


IMHO pre-made stacks like brain plus iq are overly expensive and lacking. you always pay a price for convenience. The ? to ask? is it worth it?


The amounts of each thing in the proprietary formula must be so low to all add up to 727mg. I've had good experiences with phosphatidylserine and ALCAR, although a standard serve of both of those would be well over 727mg together. You're probably overpaying for what you're getting to be honest


No proper testing. No CoA. You have no idea how impure the Nootropics are now. I have contact with big vendors that do proper testing and they always return back the shipment because of the impurites.


Why not make your stacks yourself instead of buying them?


The commercial stacks are pretty much uniformly garbage.


I think any supplement that is advertised as an "effective nootropic" that uses a certain complex scientific formula, it's probably a scam. Modafinil itself is an unique substance, wakefulness promoter with lots of reviews.


Only brain plus iq ingredient they will admit to is Ps100. I think a type of rhodiola might be in it. I think it has viable ingredients might just way over priced like those multi level marketing items


Drugs that actually work are usually limited through a medical prescription. E.g. Modafinil, Concerta, Ritalin. The «Brain IQ» is a total scam.

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