Modafinil vs Ciltep: one for studying, one for taking a test. Please shoot me your answer and why in the comment section below. Thanks 

Ciltep is a mix of nootropics, and it is not for everyone, it is better to create your own stack, depending on your needs. Modafinil has mild, at best, cognitive improvements in the absence of sleep deprivation. The primary benefit seems to come from preventing a mental decline from lack of sleep, not from a boost in normal performance.


Modafinil not only impressed me but confused the shit out of me! Although my expectations weren't great, I had certain presumptions from reading reviews. To keep this short, I will list a few effects I got from my first ever dose which I had today

- Naturally Awakened state

- Clarity

- Improved Memory

- Improved overall running of brain (no brain fog)

- Less anxiety 

- Feeling of being in control

- More attention to things that need attention (Even the normally boring stuff)

- No feeling of being "on something", which confused me!

The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that I thought there would be MORE focus.. More of a tunnel vision..But I must say, this is a beautiful tool and I hope I don't turn it something negative by improper use.


Gives nice focus boost when stacked with proper BHB levels, caffeine & choline. Comes with latency for me though, but don't have crash. Brings tunnel vision occasionally too, but good reaction time remains to peripheral movements which is kinda funny.


I've tried it. Didn't experience much but taken with my morning coffee did give me a feeling of alertness.




 Looks like more over priced semi snake oil from Dave Asprey to me. Don't know about the artichoke extract. New one on me. The b5 and coleus are laughably underdosed. B5 can and should be 100-500 mg per dose. Coleus is usually 25-50 mg forskolin per dose. You will probably get a lift from the phenylalanine and alcar, but at $43 for 20 doses it is way more expensive than it should be.


 I got a couple bottles of Coleus & Artichoke extracts from Swanson (not the most potent source, but cheap and usually effective), never noticed much from them. After reading the CILTEP debunked article, I have questioned if I want to bother getting it again from a more potent source. Jatamansi seems quite interesting however, would definitely include that if I tried it again.


I haven't tried the full regime so I can't comment but I seem to remember reading somewhere on the net where CILTEP was being dismissed by people as ineffective. Not sure if it was based on personal experience or proper research. Maybe I saw this on reddit, maybe on longecity but try googling.


 I bought the Ciltep components and make my own .. priced out you save a ton of money that way, plus u get more dosages. I think I got my theanine from noortropics depot.. blue bottle w/ black cap.. and it was pretty reasonable .. the pure powder form packs quite a punch compared to the pill forms.


 They're pretty high risk. Lol Well known but not beginner. Anyway, most "purist" don't consider modafinil a nootropic. Caffeine and theanine stack is THE beginner stack. Noopept is also a good starting drug and any of the racetams are VERY safe and fun to fool around with.


You can buy the individual parts cheaper; Also, tailor your stack a little bit better that way, over time.  I like CILTeP quite a bit; Have had good results with it, particularly adding piracetam and choline to the stack. Much improved clarity and great focus, and ability to shift focus and return without losing ideas or track of work; A big plus for me.


I can say that Ciltep works pretty good. The effects for me begin to diminish after 2 days of taking it so I agree with cycling some on/off time. It works well for studying and for sitting in class absorbing lecture material. The first time I took it, the only way to describe the feeling is trying to drive your car with the e-brake on. It wasn't until I added vinposetine and some fish oil that it kicked in for me fully. Don't know if there is anything to adding those but it worked. Also I do find that it works best on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. This is an n=1 scenario, so results may vary, just putting in my two cents. Also It is way cheaper to just buy the ingredients and mix it yourself.


 I was looking at my bottle of NZT 28+ from SmartCode Labs and noticed that some of the CILTEP components are in it: L-Phenylalnine and ALCAR. Looks like all I may need to do is add the artichoke and forskolin as the NZT 28+ even has 200mg of caffeine. It also has phenypiracetam, noopept, aniracetam, and pramiracetam, and niacin. I'm also taking their sunifiram and a choline/inositol combo. Sounds like tomorrow could be an interesting day in the weld shop. :)


Ciltep didn't do anything for me, at least nothing I noticed. Can't say it improved my cognitive enhancement. Maybe on the long term but I find it too expensive to continue. I have tried modafinil and it helps with clarity and focus but it gives me anxiety and does nothing for motivation or sense of well being-It seems incomplete-what other stacks can I try to give me some mild euphoria which helps me feel good, which then helps to motivate me and something that will enhance my creativity-I was thinking of adding piracetam and then if no additional desired results I would switch modafinil to hydrafinil also where is a good, reliable source to purchase both piracetam and hydrafinil


Ciltep works great for me. Very stimulating. I've been taking it for several months. I read the reddit piece and I agree the claims about it affecting CAMP etc, don't make sense. But you also wouldn't want to take something that made you vomit. It defintely has a powerful stimulant, energizing effect for me. And it noticeably increases my,performance on lumosity games when I take it.


CILTEP (Natural Stacks) worked for me (learning languages) until I went on Zoloft. I still have several bottles of CILTEP plus a drawer full of the fixings so I'll eventually go back to it. I'm no longer on Zoloft but it seems to take a long time to get rid of whatever it does to your body.


Sad to report but neither ciltep nor modafinil appears not to be working for me. Today I tried 100mg again with 500mg of choline (last night to get it in system and again this morning) and I had a very rough day. Headaches worsening throughout the day like a throbbing very hard to concentrate and even to sustain reading the computer screen to finish my work. Increased fatigue and overall malaise feeling. No motivation, no sharpness, making mistakes. The fatigue, throbbing headaches all over the head with no notable improvement in any aspect just made the day more challenging. I envy those who can have benefits. I was really hoping my ADD challenges would be improved. Really disheartening for me.

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