Modafinil vs Cogniflex

Cogniflex didn't much to me, I felt slightly awake and focused. So i have been taking modafinil for the 3 days straight now....200mg at 8 am each morning. Definitely feel more alert and awake...and more productive. But the thing I love about it is that I still feel myself...granted I don't get that euphoric feeling that Ritalin/Adderall gives, but there is also no come down or any of the side effects. The only side effect I've felt is the slight headache starting about 4-5 hours in and the smelly pee. All in all, a satisfied customer. Bought India modalert from Neomodafinil. For those that have not taken it yet, manage your won't put you in the zone or make you super smarter. It will just help you get more done. After a week, I might go up to 400mg but we'll see then.


Took Modafinil and it really works, will try Cogniflex, I've heared it is some kind of new brain stimulant type of supplement that's supposed to help w/ energy, focus, memory, & others. It's FDA approved, which doesn't always mean much, but I think you can only order it online w/ no humm idk, lol! There are some reviews of people taking adderall or modafinil say they like it much better but I don't know somebody real who has taken Cogniflex.


This is the official page for the product Cogniflex. I'm going to try to look into it this weekend. I'd love to see what anyone else finds out. 

One of my docs once said to me "You realize that this is probably as good as its going to get for you." I said to him "You realize that I'm never going to stop trying to get better." I'l look deeper to modafinil researches.

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