Modafinil vs Neurofuse, what is your experience?

Neurofuse didn't do much to me. Modafinil (NeoModafinil version) was a lot better. When I 1st took modafinil I breezed through 3 100 slide lectures without any mental fatigue, I started using it regularly on weekends for an extra push and it seemed to be working great, I think the fact that I actually was taking something to improve my school output also put me on a frame of mind to study more. However after prolonged use I found myself very depersonalized, I watched my relationship unravel and felt not a care in the world to fix it. I found a good balance with modafinil by dosing once every week with 100mg and combining it with excersize a good diet and overall postive changes. It's by no means a "wonder drug" but if used correctly it can definitely give you an edge


Nerofuse was a theory with limited success in execution, and Modafinil is a prescription grade wakefulness promoter (eugerogic) so they have completely different uses and mechanisms at play

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