Hello everyone! Recently diagnosed with Narcolepsy and put on Modafinil. 
It's only been a few days, and seems to be doing an alright job thus far, but I am experiencing incessant yawning that is honestly driving me insane. By the time the afternoon hits I'm needing to yawn nearly every 2-3 minutes constantly and when I can't yawn I start to feel panicky until I can. Has anyone else experienced this? Does this sound ridiculous?
I take provigil and I still feel so tired and yawn and the only thing it does is prevents me from falling asleep. How terrible to feel so tired and weak and can't fall asleep lol
It'll go away I have the same problem I do you still have your name fits but it's not as often I've been on armodafinil since July 200 mg to me lately it's just keeping a portion of my brain awake but I have nothing to do with me being alert and productive
I took nuvigil and I hated it! I think it did this to me too. I've heard sometimes people yawn because it's the minds way of getting more oxygen in the body. I don't know if its true or not either.
Yes! When I'm tired I yawn like a maniac! Nuvigil kept some parts of my brain awake but not in a good way lol I was a zombie on the stuff. Provigil wasn't much better. Adderall and caffeine help me almost feel normal most days.
Yawning excessively can be a side effect of some medications, I had pain meds that made me yawn at least every few minutes, which was bad for me because usually get charlie horse in neck when I yawn repeatedly, so had to switch. Not saying meds are the issue but would check out side effects and see if that is possible.
Hmm, I experienced the excessive yawning on an SSRI, and it was acaccompanied by a queasy stomach thing. Wondering how/if this might be related...
I get that yawning/unable to get a satisfying deep breath thing with anxiety. I've found that stimulants definitely increase my anxiety symptoms a bit. I'm pretty confident that the yawning with me is anxiety based since if I take an Ativan it goes away. It's so uncomfortable!!!

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