Sources of modafinil. So I just lost my insurance so affording my prescription of modafinil is impossible...Medicaid won't cover it in Florida without some crazy authorization. I was going to order from modafinilcat, which is sunpharma but they closed down their site, so I ordered from Sunmodalert today, any one have any experience, or maybe can review another sources?
Also, I've only ever used Modalert, but I'm curious about waklert. What are your opinions on it? Also any stack suggestions with modafinil/armodafinil are welcome.
I was looking for modafinilcat replacement too, so I saw this thread which is full of online vendor reviews and ordered from multiple companies listed there (small trial orders). I took the risk because their prices are far less expensive than I have ever found. First company order shipped via courier arrived about 10 days later, and 2-nd arrived in 17 days (Airmail) which is pretty good. Product quality is absolutely the same I had with my previous vendors. There were amazing results from the first day. Modalert came in a Standard foil packaging. I have only good things to say regarding their support, prices and products. They seemed to have the best prices. I don't wish to advertise somebody. I believe all internet vendors ship with a same speed using same shipping methods. Product seems to be the same either, so product price is a major factor for me from now on.
I was regular modafinilcat customer before they shut down their site. Finally getting around to reviewing service. They are absolutely amazing, and their customer support is quick, efficient, and responsive. In the beginning I ran into some troubles with receiving the package, but after I realized that I need to pick up my package at the post office all of this went past and I am extremely satisfied with everything. It's truly fast an reliable, just like Modafinilcat, but cheaper. Particularly satisfied with the fact that I'm saving so much money through Neomodafinil, since comparing the prices to drugs that are locally available makes it obvious about the huge difference. I'm super grateful and I hope you will help many other people along the way.
I've been buying modafinil from Modafinilcat for the majority of the past 2 years (since April 2015). After Modafinilcat has been closed I switched to Sunmodalert company. To begin with I ordered a drug called Modalert 200mg, which helps me with ADHD, but unlike Adderall it doesn't make me feel high. Modalert also gives me a lot of focus and attention, and I feel energetic throughout the whole day. With this combination I am quite able to generate impressive results that often surprise both me and my managers. I ordered adrafinil as well, but it doesn't work as well for me, so I went back to Modalert since it was quite good for me. Even though the focus and attention benefits are awesome, sometimes I cannot sleep. Usually it's because I take the drugs way too late (around 1pm) and their effects last into the night. Taking it early in the morning never makes me feel like I can't sleep later on. Oh, and shipping usually takes 2 weeks for me, but that's quite alright considering that the package comes from the other side of the world.
Bobbydude is the best replacement of Modafinilcat. Prices are similar, I just ordered recently on the 28th, and I had my product shipped on the 29th. They sent me a mail with a tracking code that I could use to follow where my order moves through. I started thinking about using Modafinil this year, and this was my second time ordering it. A colleague of mine introduced me to the drug, and he told me to start slow, taking only half a pill and increasing the dosage as I go onwards. Using it really shows an increase of performance for my work-related activities. I want to recommend to people that are starting to think about using Modafinil to also start slow, taking only half pills and increase them as time goes by. It's much better this way. The product itself comes in a foil-material package that is stamped with all the necessary information regarding the product, so I don't doubt its authenticity.
not sure if this'll help

They cite assistance for Nuvigil (which is armodafinil - or "next-generation" of modafinil or Provigil. When Nuvigil replaced Provigil, it also bumped Provigil off of the "covered" list. But they told me (some few yrs back) that they could assist with Provigil "if your Dr insists".
Maybe that's now obsolete. But, who knows? It might help.
When I saw that somebody mentioned Neomodafinil on a comment section in a blog that I don't remember, but for some reason it caught my eye and I decided to try it out and see how it works. Googling the name led me to this page, and at first I was filled with disbelief (having been scammed before, then I found Modafinilcat, a perfect supplier but then they have closed their site), but eventually I decided to test out the service and I placed a small order. Using Bitcoin to facilitate this transaction was extremely easy, painless, and quick.
Here are some of the important details about the arrangement.
Made the order on May 23-d, and it arrived one week later on the 31st.
The package arrived from India, and it could be tracked using the number they sent me in the mail
A very discreet package was presented on arrival. There are no names of drugs on the outside and it made me feel safe and confident in Neomodafinil.
Each and every pill was wrapped in aluminum foil
The manufacture date was 05/2017, and it expired 04/2019
I received the package with USPS, and they required me to sign for the package.
If you need more help about understanding modafinil, read on:
Start slow and break the pills in half for the first week
Don't take it in the afternoon, because you will be up all night. (unless that's exactly what you want)
Don't expect a caffeine-like rush, but rather the feelings of a good night rest, thought clarity, focus and even motivation to do otherwise boring tasks. If you're taking Adderall or other stimulants you will get the same benefits, but with a nasty bite on the side.
Make sure to take a few days off, and rest yourself from the drug every week.

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