I need a general consensus as to which way I should consume the Uridine mr Happy stack. Should it be taken with or without food? What is more beneficial and/or better absorbed?What is the right ratio, what is your experience?
Great stuff to use for most anybody. Lots of options beyond the DHA/Choline/Uridine too (the original thread is a novel of ideas lol), Bacopa and Rhodiola pair well for me, along with my base stack of royal jelly (instead of a multi) and Super B12 from Ceretropic, with D3 and Low Dose Lithium (Aspartate lately over Orotate) at night.
Very, very good. I had a stimulant addiction and shot my receptors a bit. This stack has helped me feel human again. Even managed to get my motivation back, Dopamine being a key component
Three questions concerning the "mr happy" uridine stack
For this stack, I'm using
*Active b complex including methyl b12 1000mcg and methyl b9 400mcg
*Alpha gpc 250mg
*Uridine Monophosphate 100-200mg (sublingually)
*Calamari Fish Oil 1000mg DHA 100mg EPA
in addition curcumin 500mg and phosphatidylserine complex(100mg ps)
In regards to examine.com's fish oil nutrient-nutrient interaction section for uridine, will sublingual use of uridine and ingestion of the other nutrients still produce the same interaction? If not, then there is another form of uridine that fairs better ingested than monophosphate.
Does it matter on the timing of taking these? We know that the uridine relies on the other nutrients to do its job and that problems occur when they aren't available. An example, should the b complex taken a certain amount of time before taking the uridine so that the body has the nutrients available already?
Would it be more effective to take this during separate times of the day since they have differences in solubility? water/fat.
Start the day with no food and take B complex, alpha gpc, and uridine sublingual.
Fish oil with first meal.
And outside scope of the original stack, ps at the end of the day because a lot of people seem to think that it makes them sluggish
Ok - so awesome stack again.. and to answer your questions:

1. I don't think sublingual Uridine will negatively effect the interaction with DHA, so long as they are both taken in pretty close proximity.

2. Through my experience at least, with this and variants of this stack, I've gotten the best effects from taking everything all at once. But Mr Happy himself (the person who created the original 94 page thread on this on Longecity), does not take everything all at once. I think he does something to the effect of a multi B supplement in the morning, sublingual Uridine Mono twice per day, and then the DHA and AGPC either in close proximity to the Uridine, or with it.

I stack Uridine, DHA, and CDP together a lot and take them all at once.

3. It's pretty plausible that using Triacetyluridine, (basically a stronger version of Uridine Mono that requires far less of a dose) will be just fine. You'd have to fuss around with quantities to see. I take 40-80MG of that stuff on its own sometimes and it rocks my world.

4. My go to similar stack (Uridine mono, CDP choline, and DHA) I can take with or without food and it still kicks my butt within 30 minutes. But I've taken this without a fat source plenty of times and it still rocked my world. But I use CDP which is water soluble. So is Uridine. And DHA might be sufficient if something else in your stack is fat soluble, like AGPC.

5. You've got folate in there, which is great. There is rumor to suggest that Uridine depletes B vitamins at some level. I have found that to be somewhat true for me.

Overall - this is a great stack. You've got ALL of the necessary components for phosphatidylcholine synthesis, neurite outgrowth, synaptic plasticity, and dare I say neurogenesis? !!
finally experienced the notorious brain-fog / dissociation from Memantine today, and it is very unpleasant... I was taking 5mg a day for ~2 weeks, then, over a period of 3 days, upped the dosage by 5mg each day. So, I took 10mg last night, and then another 10mg this morning. Then dosed 100mg Moda (long drive) on top of the Mr. Happy stack I've been taking for weeks.
...Well, the Moda hardly effected me, and I've had the most uncomfortable "dull" feeling for the last 12 hrs -- horrible verbal recall, memory, creativity -- basically everything in my brain is working less efficiently. D
Mr. Happy Stack.
This is an interesting stack indeed. It consists of Fish oil, Uridine, and Choline. All work synergistically.
The uridine stack has been shown to help anxiety, OCD, depression
Uridine is one of the building blocks to Ribonucleic Acid, or otherwise known as RNA. Uridine increase levels of RNA in the brain which has been documented to improve memory formation and retention performance. Uridine is also a promotor of DNA repair and cell growth. Uridine cannot cross the blood brain barrier by itself. You will either need uridine monophosphate, otherwise known as UMP or triacetyluridine.
Uridine promoted the creation of new dopamine receptors in the brain. The effect is more pronounced in brains with fewer dopamine receptors. By activating the D1 and D2 receptor signaling cascade, it stabilizes spikes of dopamine activatity that would usually burn out receptors or reduce their effective number. When used with CDP choline, the two effectively increase the number and density of dopamine receptors.
With fish oil, the ratio of DHA and EPA should be at a 4:1 standpoint. DHA is more important for nerve maintenance, cognitive development, keeping arteries clear, reducing inflammation, cancer protection, and is good for depression and bi polar. DHA is important because it aids in the creation of new nerve connections as well as keeping older ones healthy.
Choline. I can write a whole article about the importance of choline. Choline is required to build cell membranes and produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Like DHA, in this stack, choline will aid in the maintenance of nerve cells. Choline additionally is thought to aid in balancing the dopamine system in the brain. For choline, I suggest Alpha-GPC or CDP-Choline.
Because this stack focuses on DNA repair, it is always good to thrw in folic acid and vitamin b12 to further assist the repair.
This stack creates a healthy set of dendritic pathways in the brain which can optimize BOTH mood and cognition.
The first time I took Alpha GPC, Fish oil, and Uridine together it was like looking through in high definition. Colors were more vibrant, my surroundings more interesting. I took it twice but stopped because I already had about 5 things I was stacking but now that I cut it down and I have some left I will definitely try it again.
Got 17,2 values (out of 20) in my exam, bacopa before starting the study timelenght, during 3 weeks uridine mr happy stack, 1 week before exam stopped stack, since it was affecting short memory either fish oil or cdp choline, not the overall concepts learning though. Added one week before exam CoQ10 , Phosphatidylserine, Vitamin D3 and Apple Cider gel caps. During exam didnt had any drug/supp besides CDP Choline. I used mindmaps and mnemonics while studying while it was very hard to memorize them (that short term frying ), mindmaps was the best idea for concepts.
Uridine mr happy stack is definitely an interesting addition to my stack. Currently taking 1000mg DHA / 200 EPA, 150mg CDP CHoline and Uridine MP 150mg sublingual, this improves my focus, balances emotions and mild anxiolytic. Difference to my last trial with uridine was that only had 180 DHA / 140 EPA way below the 900mg DHA recommended for this stack.
I am currently into my 3rd week of the Uridine stack after a long break. Already in such a short time I am noticing a familiar feeling, it's like excitement but I have nothing to be excited for. It's hard to describe. I am finding getting through the boring or hard tasks easier and I feel motivated in general. Also my mind is clear and memory is working nicely.
I have been pushing the dosage higher than in the past (from 2 x 250mg to 2-3 x 500mg) ratio along with DHA and CDP-Choline as per usual. This is definitely a main reason for the effects being more profound in a short period of time.
Supplementation of uridine seems to be in the 500-1,000mg range, with the lone human study using the higher end of this range. It is recommended to take uridine with food out of prudency, but this has not been noted to be an absolute requirement. -Examine
wo types of Uridine. Triacetyluridine is fat soluble. Take with fat for best results (olive oil, milk, butter, etc). "food" if its got fat in it. Not sure about the other type of Uridine.
I have been doing my fat soluble: Aniracetam, DHA, and/or Sulbutiamine about an hour after I wake up with a cup of milk. I take my Noopept, Uridine, AGPC or Centro and/or Racetam about an hour later. I've been having good results and I must say it was my best cycle of Alpha GPC. I hated to switch over to Centro.
at nootropics depot is a nootropics Master. Says triacetyl gives bigger bang for the buck. Happy stack has never done anything for me.
Dosage - UMP 180mg Sublingual + 180 EPA / 120 DHA (way below recommended DHA)
I s First days mr Happy stack was making me angry for 20mn with a burn on top of my head, not anymore. Actually Uridine is making me sleepy now, which seems to be common side-effect, also seems to potentate picamilon in terms of relaxation, almost lethargic. I tried today caffeine (zero tolerance), didnt get jitterish, which correlates with uridine ability to modulate dopamine with stimulants, very interesting. I'm def feeling more grounded and calm but Im not taking apart that might be a certain placebo effect going on since I was convinced this was gonna work from the amount of research read in first place.

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