Here is my review on n-acetyl-Selank amidate.
It's been rather anxiolyctic, relaxing with a relatively mild stimulation. Wakes you up a bit while keeping you calm and able to cope with stress more easily. Nootropic-wise it's rather disappointing in my opinion but adds nicely to a stack, as an icing on a cake.
If you don't have anxiety issues I'd say selank amidate probably isn't too noticeable for you.
Oh, and if you're a (medical) kratom user, this compound will enhance your high by preventing the degradation of enkephalins which are basically endogenous opioid peptides.
I agree, I wouldn't call n-acetyl-Selank amidate a much of a nootropic but appears that the group is just as much about anxiety, depression and stimulants anyway
I agree Aaron Jackson, It's not a nootropic itself but can have effects extending to possibly nootropic effects. Such is the case with my 2 favorite pseudonootropics (let's just call them that for now) Moclobemide and Selegiline. This could extend to other pharms like Memantine etc... I need to try these Selank and Semax shenanigans
It's been shown to increase the levels monoanime neurotransmitters, so I thought it'd be more nootropic. Maybe it needs to be run for an extended period of time to achieve these effects, like selegiline & moclobemide? Though anecdotally with selegiline I felt the effects quite quickly and later got a bit used to it..

According to the pharmacology semax/selank could be quite synergic with the moclo/seleg/memantine stack. I'm pretty excited to try them all, just need to get it again

Moclobemide allowing greater levels of serotonin + selank which induces metabolism of it sounds pretty cool

Maybe I'll try a bit higher dosage another day and see how it goes. Relatively disappointed overall honestly, at least so far
Just be sure you have something that will bring you down. I also coupled it with cocao power and 100 mg caffiene plus selegeline . Probably an overload. What should I use for my stack and not use. As far as stims go. Semax amidate, selank amidate, caffiene, 50 mg modafinal, cocao, malt, selegeline at 1.25 mg. I'm also using memantine at 2.5mg and titrating up. What stims would to suggest not to use with this stack. Or if anyone else has any suggestions I'd appreciate. I don't wanna overload my dopamine system. Also have nsi+189 before it was patented. Taking that as well.
Modafinil, caffeine, selegiline, selank, semax & memantine all work on dopamine through a direct or indirect mechanism, most of them on norepinephrine as well. Do you even need more stimulants with all these substances? Caffeine on only moclobemide, selegiline & memantine was enough, super stimulating. Had to do very low dosage
I have had this talk with mryouaresodumb or whatever his name is and I believe that if you have a pretty hefty opioid tolerance n-acetyl-Selank amidate and Semax could both be useless. I have tried both and found both to be failures, I've even dosed Semax at 16mg once. I really think the whole opioid system is over looked by many and is probably way more important than what most people think. Moreso than dopamine and serotonin in a lot of people.
Why would it be useless? I mean yeah with a high tolerance one wouldn't notice much anyway but theoretically it'd still help. Even more with other potentiators. Selank and semax shouldn't be the number one to go to if one wants lower tolerance or enhancement but better than nothing, the price is the issue if you have a high tolerance
Well I meant it reverse, if you got tolerance to opioids you probably won't feel semax or selank much esp if the opioid properties have a major effect on you. Someone who has no tolerance to opioids is going to feel the semax or selank more than someone who has tolerance because of the enkephalins is what I meant. It would be freakin awesome as hell if they would invent something more potent for inhibiting these opioid enzymes that didn't get you high but made them more effective.

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