Anyone here know about noopept cycles?
I've taken a few noopept cycles of 30mg/d, the most effective was the longest but now after just over 2 months I'm unsure if I'm used to it or have lessened effects. I didn't take it with supplemented Choline most days and still noticed significant improvement after the first couple of weeks with visualisation and memory. I added Trans-Resveratrol & Pterostilbene and noticed further improvements but it could have all been from the noopept.
I took 100mg modafinil with Choline in the forms of Choline Bitartrate and Alpha GPC and this was enough to keep me going for over 36 hours, basically skipping a night, I didn't take noopept in this time since the only time I had taken them together I got a headache (probably should have lowered the dosage). So effectively I didn't take noopept for 2 days.
Then back onto noopept I also took Choline in the same forms and for a couple days I took twice the amount of noopept. During this time and since taking modafinil I don't feel quite as.. on it. Before I couldn't stop my brain from thinking at full speed, now it's calm.
I don't know if this is because of the modafinil, the choline or taking the break from noopept, or taking more noopept. I haven't taken anything today except Trans-Resveratrol & Pterostilbene.
My concern is with the conflicting information about noopept. I have seen U shape cycles to avoid desensitisation and I've seen others claiming the benefits increase over time and that sensitivity doesn't decline, which makes me question taking a break, but if I should, for how long?
That's probably enough information but feel free to ask for more if needed.
What I'd like to know are the effects from noopept during your cycles, any decline in effect from noopept over time and those taking it for longer periods of time/indefinitely. I understand there isn't much evidence to backup cycles or continued use so I'm relying on personal anecdotal experience.

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