anyone uses noopept? I've used modafinil a few times and it's greatly benefited my studies, how does it compare?
noopept will provide greater cognitive benefits.i Modafinil just allows you to stay up and function on sleep deficit- will also cause you to encode information in a slightly altered state, which isnt the best for memory recall when you arent on it.

Ive done both, hands down noopept is the winner for scholastic purposes. Remember to add a choline supp
noopept was a no-op for me, did nothing, nada, useless. If I had paid for it I would have felt cheated, but I received a free sample from one of my regular suppliers.
I have been taking noopept high doses for month without choline only eggs sometimes in week(I love eggs) and no headaches but the first 2 weeks was horrible feeling, sleeping, brain fog, some people notice low term memory loses on noopept some didnt notice it works only on some people noopept works well I was in this group of people but I think I get pernament tolerance for this drug.
For me noopept was a feeling like a pression on my head. No concentration and stress. I don t know if it is beacause i taste it before piracetam. But i didn t like it. I felt down on my libido too. I will taste it again maybe to be sure the feeling is this one.
I've been taking it for just over a month, at first I was getting headaches because eggs were not providing enough choline. Now that I'm taking a choline supplement, I've had no headaches. I'm an anthro major so lots of reading, I've noticed a hide increase in my ability to stay focused on fairly dry subject matter/arduous readings and retain a lot more of it than when I was not taking the noopept.
Noopept is great but some short term memory loss occurs during the first week or two of use, it goes away after a while so no problems there. I would suggest making a nasal spray since oral bioavailability is very low, just get deionized water and mix that shit up. I use 1.5-3mgs which is like 2 spray a day and remember that it works in the background and the effects are quite subtle.
Noopept works well for me. I've taken modafinil aswell, which is good for productivity, but noopept improves overall brain function, mainly long term memory. Haven't had any short term memory problems like others have, but I think the long term recall is faster and may be focused on instead of the items in short term memory.

Modafinil is much stronger and powerful. Just stay hydrated! I use Modalert from Neo Modafinil. I don't know if other brands are of the same strength but it's definitley "something" and it's in no comparison to noopept.

Modafinil and Noopept stack = the best thing to go

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