Who swears by CBD oil? What has it done for you? Is it nootropic related?
I have taken it pretty much every day for over a year now. It has improved focus, memory recall, way better sleep, keeps me very calm yet alert( used to have anxiety), my athletic recovery is much faster, better immune system (get sick less). I own a CBD company, and our board consists of oncologists, PHD's specializing in Alzheimer's and Olympic medalists and I am happy to answer any questions you may have about CBD and its nootropic value!
Great for treating inflammation but not a nootropic IMO.
Not yet, I'm just smoking it (in small doses) as a sleeping aid. But I want to try very soon and I will share my experiences. I do feel positive effects of smoking. To be honest, I have slightly bigger start up trouble in the morning, but that is easily fixed taking a little extra time, coffee and ritalin. Also, otherwise it would have been no sleep. And that doesn't do much for daily energy either. ;) However. Since smoking has very positive effects on me it doesn't feel that scary to try :) A lot of other ADD/ADHD diagnosed people say that they find CBD oil helpful for feeling more 'at peace' with themselves, better sleep (most report deeper sleep too), overall enhanced feeling of well being (which is a little vague imo) and some other small benefits that are different per indivivual. I'm looking forward to trying it, since smoking already does wonders for me (also in a more therapeutic sense, its easier to face hard emotions with it, without feeling so bad about it or clouding your judgement, I'd even go as far as that its improving my judgement (well on that kind of thing anyway).
CBD is very mildly anxiolytic. It feels healthy, but the effect is quite subtle. Unless you smoke some weed on top of it. Not very nootropic related :D but it helps.
CBD is very good for pain management. Good for muscles relaxation. Comparable to theanine for relaxation but not the concentration. But little bit milder i would say. Its a great thing to have at home and find your optimal dose. Helps some people with sleep. Able to buffer some negative side effects from thc and other dopamine/gaba substances( i forgot completely how and what)
I live in Denver so I can get it locally. I don't use it myself, but several people I know use it for injuries. They say it does more than relieve pain and one of my friends says it improves function for his back injury. Some people experiment with it because the effects of smoking marijuana come from the cbd oil and the effects they don't like come from the THC
I've heard that for cbd to be optimal it does need some thc, not much but some
Bluebird Botanicals CBD Complete is about the closest thing you'll get to a high-CBD marijuana strain on the legal market in the backwards prohibitionist states. It uses a water extraction from hemp to add cannabis alkaloids to the mix.

Their large bottles have a pretty messed up consistency, though. I spent a big buck on their stuff and I don't even use it much because of how weird the larger order is. They need to handle their shit
CBD honestly eliminates my social anxiety. It's mild and subtle, but you really get hit by the anti anxiety effect. It's odd to finally be able to talk to people.
The CBD works well, but most of it is made from hemp so it's not that strong. It mellowed me out, but it doesn't last very long. Imo it's too expensive for the minimal effects. L-theanine is still my go to for relaxation.
Most CBD oil on the market is a ripoff and never the right percentage. When I blew out my knee it didn't help and I thought it was supposed to be a good brand. It didn't interfere with my nootropics. Colorado CBD oil is another story. That stuff works but it also had a small amount of THC so it's hard to differentiate.
love my CBD.... helps me sleep at night, and if I get too edgy during the day it helps to calm me down without making my brain lag. But it's not a nootropic.
I use it I vape with it for my migraines I love it. Releases the pressure in my head almost instantly a few more puffs and it's completely gone no need for pain killers.

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