What is the best nootropic for empathy / emotional intelligence?
that shit makes you a robot. After a year or so of daily use, my friends began asking about why I had "not been showing much emotion of any sort"
I reccomend it 110% though. My entire High School career revolves around noopept-fueled essays
Well I mean MDMA works, but that's probably a bad idea. Your best bet is to go with something that works on your serotonin levels. Some good chices are 5-HTP, SAM-E, St. John's Wort, Tianeptine, and Kanna. Some other good choices that may not be directly related to serotonin, but are some of the mood boosting noots include things like Phenylpiracetam, White Vein Kratom, PEAs and MethylPEAs, and Hordenine, also you can check reddit reviews
I find phenibut gives me massive empathy the way mdma used to when i took that years ago
Aniracetam + Oxiracetam works well for my EQ stuff. Addition of sulbutiamine, piracetam & centrophenoxine enhances this mix.
Phenibut Fridays. lol. Me and Wifee reserve phenibut for once a week. The right dose make me almost mdma emotional. Nice. Would love to hear any insights on something daily that could help with this. I swear I used to be that way naturally but have lost it to some extent.
I feel much more focused & attentive. Pretty sure it acts as a selective antagonist @ the 5HT-2C which results in increased dopamine/norepinephrine in the pre frontal cortex - but then again I have heard a lot of people talking about somnolence/fatigue on fluoxetine
I can't let face the thought of letting people, mainly family, not taking my help, advice, etc. I am so empathetic that I feel responsible for people who I should probably just say whatever to. Yes, I think I have an empathy problem. And yeah, I probably come off as a douche to them.
I think my empathy comes from not wanting others to go through the same bad experiences as I have. I've been through some hard stuff, as have many others. But I've also experienced the way things should be. So now, mediocrity seems ridiculous to me because if you can avoid the terrible, you should just take it as far as reasonably possible to create excellence.

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