Can u guys tell me which noot is good for nerve pain and also could this help with the side effects / taper from Lyrica? I need off this horrible stuff!

If I had an answer for a noot to help get off lyrica I would have been off of it a year ago. That said, breaking down the pharmodynamiks of lyrica you can see it is a calcium channel blocker and it slows down the release of glutamate, norepinephrine, and substance p. There is probably some action on gaba however pfizer likes to deny these claims. I have a few items that can help manage your symptoms but nothing will be a magic cure. So withdrawals from lyrica are wicked because you get a backlash of norepinephrine and glutamate; substance p as well but I'm not educated on what substance p does and I am busy at the moment so I cant give you a definite answer. Memantine will help by allowing healthy flow of glutamate, it is also has actions through calcium channels. Magnesium may help as well for this but not as much as Memantine. For norepinephrine you can try a beta blocker like propanolol. Noot wise hang on to l theanine, magnolia bark extract, and Ashwagandha. These three together will conquer any anxiety you have from the taper. This is just theoretical but with memantine I can go a day, sometimes two without taking my lyrica. I take it in one big dose 24 hours apart so I think that also helped my body and mind not become heavily addicted compared to if I was dosing multiple times a day and keeping a steady dose in my system For nerve pain, look into lions mane.

I took lyrica for nerve pain - the side effects were horrible. Kratom is the only thing that manages that pain now.
kratom CBD oil valerian root and or lemon balm tinctures work for me for sciatica. never took lyrica but from what i heard you should tapper slowly maybe research the amino gaba for nerve pain.
Try ice, or hot packs, whatever can help .. I had a nerve pain issue, no drugs can touch it. A good physio can perhaps loosen the muscles around the area. In your case it sounds like it will heal up in time, u may need something to knock you out so u can sleep though.
stuff that can work:
tricyclic antidepressants, duloxetine, venlafaxine, lidocaine, carbamazepine, tramadol
There are a lot of treatments available for peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage - the first thing you can do for yourself is take some vitamin B12, which may be of some benefit. You should certainly be referred to a neurologist, who may prescribe duloxetine, gabapentin or pregabalin, the doses of which can be titrated upwards to relieve your symptoms. But you really do need to see your doctor who may be able to help you directly or provide an onward referral to a neurologist who can then prescribe these for you. Nootropics are irrelevant to your needs.
GABA b agonists or things like pregabalin/gabapentin typically work for nerve pain and related problems. I'm surprised a doctor doesn't already have you on one
I totally understand if you don't want one, but getting the facets (sp?) was one of the best things I ever did. It has lasted well over a year (I got it done last July) and it's still working, and it stopped the worst of my nerve pain. Just offering you my personal experience, not trying to sway you one way or the other. Good luck. Also, make sure you are taking a good quality magnesium. I personally prefer magnesium Malate as I have found the greatest difference with that one, but experiences will vary depending on what your body needs.

Welcome! These are commonly discussed topics. If you use the search engine in this group and the keywords "sleep", "anxiety" and "nerve pain" it should get you quite a few results.

I'll be nice and mention a few ;)- 

300 mcg melatonin (work your way up if it's not enough)

400 mg L-theanine for anxiety & sleep


Passion flower

COX-2 inhibitors for pain like ginger, cinnamon, frankincense & myrrh in a lecithin fatty infused tea (fats stabilized with emulsifiers) you can use the herbs of your choice to increase the bioavailability & duration of them. Would honestly make a tea out of all these suggestions, it'll be a tea covering your wishes. Depending on your pain, kratom may be an option, but please don't try this as a first timer for pain


Ditto melatonin. Ashwaganda & mag-ox are simple beginners steps. I have ddd & 10-12 bulging discs with total blowout at L4&5. 

I love my adjustable base bed. Keeps hips & legs raised & takes the pressure off of my lower spine.


Holy cow, Kiki, that just sucks. For anyone that can speak my language what I really have is pretty much neurogenic claudication of L4 L5 and S1 from a grade 2 spondylolisthesis at L5. I'm a chiropractor and so I have managed this to the best of my ability by adjustments, acu, massage, and lifting seriously heavy weights for 11 years. My biggest trouble is as soon as I lay down at night my left S1 distribution gets numb, so basically the leg and the inside of the foot. Once it starts burning then that contributes to the insomnia. I was on low-dose oxy and Soma for about 10 years. I quit cold turkey in Nov for a variety of reasons but mostly because it didn't do anything except just kind of take the edge off to sleep. I'm really looking for something to distract me so I can get to sleep faster than my leg can bug me. 

Consider me your chiro of the group in case you don't already have one. I'm always blessed to give advice! Thanks again!

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