Can anyone recommend a blend for me? I have idiopathic neuropathy, doctor doesn't know why (hence the idiopathic), chronic pain, PTSD, insomnia. I'm not asking for a magic formula...just some nootropic or supplement I could put together that might help some of these aspects? The doc recommended B-complex. Anything else? I'd be super appreciative of anything else anyone could suggest that could be helpful to me.
CO2 extract from organic grown source material is ideal for neuropathy. It's a solvent-less extraction method, meaning you don't have to worry about inhaling or ingesting gnarly solvents that can bio-accumulate to levels of disruptive toxicity.

For vaping, devices and components matter.

One of the cleanest options for vaping shatter or CBD concentrate material is a ceramic coil vape pen.

I use the V-One device, which has a ceramic "donut" coil. The cleanest and smoothest vape experience for concentrates I've ever tried. Much easier to use and much less intimidating to new users than dabbing with a torch rig lol.

If vaping via an ecig device, make sure to get organic cotton coils, and SS (Stainless Steel) wire in the coils. Most other types of metals used in coils off-gas elements you don't want to be breathing.

Also, no PG in vape juice blends. Many are allergic without knowing it, it turns to formaldehyde when vaped at higher wattages/temps, and all around isn't the most ideal thing to be inhaling.

My proprietary vape juice base liquid replaces PG and VG, and it's made from natural organic grown herbs. This is what I'll be suspending my CBD's in for vaping. Initial testing proves highly effective in terms of feelings and results, though haven't stabilized it enough to be comfortable offering it publicly.

Another thing, if sourcing samples from companies that offer "pure CBD isolates", I'd highly encourage your own 3rd party testing via HPLC and other Gas Chromatography lab devices.

Almost every sample I've received from companies claiming highest purity, and even have CoA's for it, prove to be filled with nonsense to cut batches and make more money.

Yes, it's technically 99.999% pure CBD isolate... just cut with a bunch of nonsense like maltodextrin, corn starch, and other elements that defeat the purpose of using the isolate in the first place. So, what you're getting is diluted to a point of not being worth it. Especially at the prices companies are selling it for to the public.

I just heard on reddit about a "live budder" from a local source here in Vancouver, and I'm trying to find out if they have a CBD only version, as that would be awesome to experiment with.

It's collected from the live plants still in the ground, has to be refrigerated, and must be used in a shorter amount of time as it's so fresh it will spoil after a while.

Locals have been raving about this version for THC based product, though I'm more interested in a CBD only version.

CO2 extract from organic source material is what I opt for most often.

A buddy just got a CO2 extractor for his company, so it's going to be loads of fun to play with that when he gets the settings dialed in and familiar with the process.

Soon we'll be able to make CO2 extracts from anything we want... Opens many doors and over time saves a ton of money on buying CO2 extracted herbs, supplements, and CBD's from other retail options.

Terpene Profiling Extractor is next on the list. The possibilities are vast!
For the PTSD I would actually do some research into psychedelics. They have shown a lot of promise in that field. And while many of them are illegal, there are still plenty of legal ones as well. Do not however begin any sort of psychedelic therapy without thorough research and a buddy with you (who is experienced with that sort of thing) to stay with you and walk you through the trip.
For insomnia you could use melatonin, theanine, and maybe marijuana (depending on the laws of your particular state/country). Passionflower, Ashwagandha, and Chamomile work well for neuropathy.
For chronic pain I'd say medical marijuana and/or kratom. Maybe Kava to since it is a muscle relaxant. The kava will also double as an anti anxiety. And if you were to begin taking kratom regularly, I'd also begin a memantine regimen to prevent/reduce tolerance.

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