Best nootropic for procrastination/motivation issues looking for an amphetamine like effect without the sketchyness if possible: Pramiracetam, phenylpiracetam, other racetam like oxi or ani, moclobomide, selegiline, memantine, semax, selank, intellect seeds, bacopa? Let me know thanks....

Tried eugeroics? They work similar to amphetamines more than anything you listed. The Semax might help, the prami and phenyl don't work like amphetamines but might help with productivity. Armodafinil doesn't have as many side effects as modafinil including agitation but is very motivating. It doesn't keep you up as much and has a long half-life. There are other eugeroics aswell. Best modafinil brand currently available in India is Modalert.

PhenylPiracetam Hydrazide is good, but tolerance builds quickly. There's also N-Acetyl Semax (+ maybe N-Acetyl Selank). Super Rhodiola increases the tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme.
Discipline. You can't replace it with a pill. You're body relies on momentum for you to get things done. A sedentary lifestyle results in laziness, and makes everything require more effort.
Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, Rhodiola & Bacopa may help you get proactive. I suffered from procrastination & ADD all my life. I think procrastination is very complex thing & no pill can just fix it.
N-acetyl semax amidate will cure all of that. You will find that you will think about procrastinating and find yourself saying, f that I'm doing this. Provides nice clean stimulation and works day after day with no tolerance build up. For days you really need a super boost add a couple hundred mg' s of phenyl piracetam to the mix and away you go. Phenyl builds tolerance quickly but if you reserve for a couple times a week it's great.
I will always say the same thing to this question. Whenever you start with noots, always start with a Piracetam stack.
Piracetam, Alpha GPA, ALCAR, Omega 3s, Multivitamin. Done. Start there. Will do well for your first stack.
I struggle with this too but some days I'm super motivated. I suspect It's either the tianeptine, curcumin, ashwagandha, or working out or some combination. Also had sporadic success with Semax.
Stick with daily juicing if that works. Listen to your body. My guess is your getting nutrients your body needs from the juice. Maybe you could benefit with just one a day.
i tried fasting and it really kicks your system into gear, i noticed the change in my mental clarity and energy levels immediately, like you say you cant stay on these diets but they are a useful tool to use intermittently. I always try and use amino acids where possible, it maybe the case you have a deficiency in the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine? you could also take a look at adaptogens such as Rhodiola Rosea which cover a range of functions such as dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and cholinergic. Also look at getting a quality pro-biotic.
Procrastination is an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are exacerbated by poor sleep and poor diet.

Get your nootropics any way you can, use a CPAP until you lose enough weight to fix your sleep apnea, and put some effort into figuring out what you're so afraid of that's keeping you from taking even simple low risk actions with your life.
The organic juice cleanse meant you avoided toxins and anti nutrients. Fasting does that too. However one needs food. Take a look at the bulletproof roadmap guidelines and do the diet. Eat on the green side and avoid the toxins on the red. Feel great. Do the sleep hacking bulletproof protocols. If you must reintroduce crap to confirm your kryptonite. one at a time. But not till you are feeling great for months.
I actually have been eating mostly greens. Not quite vegetarian as I still eat dairy and chicken and occasionally a bit of red meat or fish.
But I have eaten healthier in the past year and half than the rest of my life.
The clease was not organic juice. It was organic vegetable shake with essential amino acids.
How come everybody is talking about "bulletproof protocols"? Where do I get started with that?
I thought Bulletproof was just a Coffee company that promotes alternative to roasted Coffee with some brain essential oils mixed in for an alternative breakfast coffee that really kicks the brain into a higher gear.
there are natural supplements that the big boys who use steroids use when coming off a cycle that cause the body to produce test.the synthetic testosterone causes the body to stop producing testosterone becuse the body detects the synthetic so bodybuilders/power lifters use that to get the body going it.
I feel you, bro. My procrastination is like a steel wall. I try everything. Meditation, healthy diet, sport, even modafinil or nootropics. Nothing works. And there is no understanding from people around, because you need to "Buckle up and motivate yourself" like it was as easy as pushing a button. Though, I have to say something started to work (a bit ! ) for me. I reagularly take vit. B6 (10 - 20 mg/day), inositol (700 - 1000 mg/day), DL-Phenylalanine (700-1000 mg/day) and it made me feel a bit better when it comes to my mood for the next few hours, but so subtle, that it's comparable to placebo. But recently I started taking 5-HTP, I couldn't buy a bulk, so I bought it in drugstore with pitiful 8 mg/pill. I took only one and something broke, just a little, i managed to work for around an hour which is a breakthrough for me. I'm not sure if it's thanks to these substances, but it's something big for me.
I've found it very hard to get find a substance to help with procrastination. The best thing I've found is will power....
Nootropics simply don't work this way, since procrastination is essentially a conscious choice (choosing to do this, over that)
You can find nootropics to help with focus, but then you're just going to focus better on what you're using to procrastinating with. Perhaps you can look into NAC, or typical piracetam, which may help impulsive behavior, but i really do not believe there is a pill that will change decisions. Perhaps improve decision making process, but not one that will prevent procrastination.
What you really want to look for, is focus + motivation......Bacopa, noopept, most of the racetams......
In my opinion, the best thing you can do is practice self discipline.
Noopept is my only go-to for just buckling down and knocking something out I don't want to do. Helps me to focus. Go deep. Stop fcking around on the internet.
well, the first thing I would do is to have fake deadlines... or split your tasks up in to smaller tasks and set a deadline for each of those. I tend to wait until the buzzer is about to sound before I start at times as well.
caff/theanine is a great combo for safe reliable energy though

I have found this stack to conquer any depressive symptoms

Selegiline - 2.5mg EOD
Memantine - 15-20mg B.I.D.
Tianeptine - 25mg 2-3x daily
Bromantane - 50-100mg morning
I say depressive because procrastination falls in with my anhedonia
I'm looking into this as well. Today I tried 200 mg phenylpiracetam (with 300 mg Alpha-GPC), and it went surprisingly well. At the start there wasn't much, but after about 5 hours I felt like cleaning the bathroom, and then actually went to do it. It's the kind of no-willpower productivity I'm looking for. After about 8 hours I felt a little hypomania, which is productive but feels a little stressful. I didn't feel any negative effects, and I didn't feel "different" in any way.

Next time I think I'll take 100 first, and then after 4 hours or so another 100, to try to get the sweet spot without the hypomania.

I've tried ritalin once, and it worked okay; gave me a tenacity to keep working on tricky problems. But also gave me more of a mono-focus, where maybe taking a step back and getting my toolbox would have been a better option. Also felt a lot more hypomania.

Anyway, I'm still trying stuff. I'm under the impression that the various -racetams can have this effect, but that different ones affect people differently, so you'll have to experiment.

Also, the idea that on some tasks you procrastinate because of anxiety is an interesting one. So it might be worth trying anti-anxiety/wellbeing noots as well. 'Cos even though I felt like doing the bathroom, I still didn't feel like doing my taxes.
Since it's in the evening after work, you don't want to take something too stimulating. I did study with tianeptine in the evening. I got an ios app 30/30 and would set (for example) 30 minutes study, 10 minutes break. You can set routines and times, it's really great! Use any kind of tool you can to get you on task. Try some kind of reward thing or accountability study buddy. I gots the ADD, it was really challenging to study, but I mustered through it.
hydrafinil and fluoromodafinil are up there. phenylpiracetam is good and much better for you. long-term, elevate your dopamine system with uridine and boost testosterone with exemestane.
Minimise tryptophan consumption before and during (they are fine pre-bed though). Converts to serotonin which in excess contributes to learned helplessness and apathy. be in the nootropics game for the long term and you should notice general improvements after a few months. Oxi is not potent, it's subtle but smooth and effective. Although a tiny minority here seem hypersensitive to psychoactive drugs
Modafinil can help best. Maybe Fasoracetam too.
But you should fight procrastination without the use drugs, otherwise you'll be back to square one when the modafinil/fasoracetam/insert-drug-name-here honeymoon period is over
I'm the same started, started Faso and tianeptine two days ago and it all went click, They have dramatically helped with my apathy, procrastination and self sabotage. Feel like I finally know where I'm going with my life and what to do with my career. I set some intentions and goals that were small and achievable and its all clicked into place.
Search your heart and examine your worldview.

I believe that in order for anyone to give you a good answer, they'd need a little more to go on. Ultimately you have the answers inside yourself. This group is a place to discuss personal experiences and science...and when the next NZT is coming out in order to reach our inner Bradley Cooper potential.

Good, positive motivation comes from purpose ignited by a truth-centered worldview and lust for life (or, at least, a lust for something, particularly with eternal results). The way we view ourselves and the world should reveal what drives us and why. Once we establish that, we can better evaluate procrastination specifics and work through them from there.

What are you putting off? If it's most things, chances are you're depressed, and in your heart-of-hearts you see no purpose to it all (a common, unfortunate side effect to intelligence)....or you're just living foul. The ends are not justifying the means at all for you.

If it's everyday, mundane tasks, welcome to the human race; some things are just equally a pain the ass for everybody and must be dealt with.

If it's specific projects/relationships it's more complex. It could be a mix of the first two, but not until you fully examine yourself will you have a clearer picture and something to work with.

Generally speaking, narcotics, are good for extremely powerful bursts of motivation for a very short season only as they are non-sustainable and can lead to dependence due to their initial effects. The results produced with such drugs are usually done in a semi-delusional state, and if kept up, will lead to an entirely delusional existence and the total destruction of one's life. Finding your way out of such a mess then recreating your life would require an entire existence devoted to "recovering". No good.

Mood-altering psychotropics will only help if a diagnosis is certain and all other natural remedies have been tested (for a slightly longer season).

Nootropics will only truly be beneficial once the desire is already there, as opposed to using them to create the desire itself.

Healthy living coupled with spirituality might be a good place to start. As well as getting full blood work done, paying specific attention to vitamin deficiency, thyroid, limes disease, other immune diseases and allergies.

The amazing thing is that all of those other tools (including this group among countless others--life can be cool that way) are there to be used when the time is right.
I've had more issues with using nootropics and them making me procrastinate more. I consider this a result of most of the nootropics I've used make me more creative, and while this helps for getting things done in the realm of hobbies, It does not help me in any way for work because I'd rather work on a hobby or something unrelated

I'm not sure everyone will echo this sentiment, but I do believe your best route is to work on active goal setting and make it routine enough that you'll eventually get into doing things without them feeling like a chore.
Procrastination is, in most cases, an ingrained habit. I think you need to hack the habit explicitly; there is no silver bullet nootropic, but there might be a few which aid the habit hacking process, if they're integrated into it in a suitable manner. Nicotine might be one, but don't take just my word for it. ;-)
I'll come up with the answer in the next sentence. Not this one but the next one. Maybe I'll just sit on it a while.

i have a friend that uses google calendar combined with a program that reads his schedule to him when something is due. I couldn't use something like that but it may work for some people. I used to just use a nagging woman or cycles of depression and mania.

I have an altogether different view now. There's nothing really to be done so there's no rush. What is important is to be present and mindful. Creative pursuits tend to rely on being mindful of one's own rhythms rather than strict scheduling and constant progress. If a writer for example says, I will write exactly 10 pages per day, you can be nearly sure what they write will be uninspired and lack creativity.

So the way I generally see it now is, treat oneself as a third person without freewill when it comes to habits such as addiction and procrastination. It needs a strategic fix, rather than blame or other moral impulses.
I use nootropics to enhance my processing and, increase my bandwidth. I can't imagine trying to use them to solve issues, best dealt with through cognitive insights .. psilocybin maybe? but only for about 90 minutes - it still comes down to realizing yourself to be of greater capacity than your fears. That's my opinion based upon my (personal, anyway) experience that procrastination originates from an, albeit insidious - small, lurking fear. BTW, the psilocybin can be turned off 'like a switch' with 3-5k units of vitamin C.
Steve: i too believe psychedelics at a medicinal dose are highly affective in this area. Sadly A their legality status B people (obviously not ME) take meds that nearly negate all of the affects of say LSD for example .. I do not know if say some random person prescribed paxil 60mg wellbutrin 300mg klonopin 2mgBID and adderall could find a substitute for LSD that is legal and its affects are not hindered or contraindicated by the latter prescriptions . I don't know if psilocybin added on top of that existing and unlikely to change, prescriptions taken. Any insight how , I'll check with reddit anyway,biochemically, philosibin would interact under those conditions ?
Also getting laid on a regular basis helps (something I've let other persuits consume me too much + emotional issues + prescriptions to be motivated to stay active in that area recently ) sounds funny probably but the whole maslows hierchy of needs thing and having someone to motivate you is the MOST potient adaptogen I have ever known
I had to stop NSI-189 as I got very irritable after a week, seems others have similar experiences. Sadly didnt get any perceivable increase in mood. I might try again some time. In the mean time I'll stick to things like Tianeptine and Semax etc
Piracetam is a good way to go. It helps with concentration and productivity immensely. I finished my law degrees thanks to it. Has 3 side-effects, but not very important ones. It's also quite cheap. 2400 mg/day should improve your concentration!

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