Do you know of any nootropic or anything other than LSD that helps with low self esteem?

vitamin b's, take them transdermally not orally you get 7.5x more effective penetration and instant timed release


 It is a state of mind. If you do nothing but the same routine over and over again, you will be depressed. You need to start doing sometjing different, to keep your mind busy and you will start gaining confidence about yourself, you'll feel useful


Ethanol is amazingly effective. But not the pure stuff. I’d go with a glass or two of the fermented grape variety.


See if you can catch yourself thinking shitty thoughts about yourself. Make a practice of refuting them even if you don't really believe it. Keep in mind, positive affirmations are horrible because they try to refute something your mind believes, which just causes stress and dissonance. Better to try to integrate those thoughts into a new path towards a new belief in a way that doesn't demand denial or acts as an obstacle, but allows you to move away from the old beliefs. What you can try instead is, when you catch a self-defeating thought, say/think something like "That may or may not be true, but even if it is, it can change and I can still have a good life...even if was or even is true, its OK because I'm learning to move away from that [insert shitty thing here] towards [insert better thing here] and I'm stronger every day" or something to that effect. Don't forget that basically our entire society is constructed to make everyone in it feel shitty about themselves so they'll buy crap to try to instill some sense of self-worth. This hits some folks harder than others, depending on how much we deviate from the impossible standard of how to be worthy. Def inspect the source of standards by which you are judging yourself.


 Vorinostat. I also saw a video, where nutmeg was given to tribal women, who were too shy to paricipate in ritual dances, it removed feeling of shame and they danced like no one was watching. Effects were short-lived though ofcourse and nutmeg is a dangerous nut.


You should differentiate between depression and low self-esteem. The first is a clinical issue that can be dealt with medicine or nootropics that is prescribed by a doctor. The second is a psychological and personal concept. Only you can decide what you are worth, and increase your self-esteem based on your adherence to a goal or moral standard. Knowing the difference between these 2 things first will go a long way of helping you.These 2 concepts are often mixed, and sometimes have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Also, ignore the frivolous comments on this thread, which have nothing to do with either.


LSD is basically pharmo-autopsychotherapy. Other sources of this would be basically anything in the psychedelic class. Nix the pharmo for other options - psychotherapy, life coaching, hypnosis, etc. This is the third/neutralizing force to the first force of Winning.


Yep! Cycling, followed by more cycling - then meeting up with other cyclists, followed by copious amounts of beer, to be followed up the second day - no differently - well, change of location doesn't hurt. If you have low self esteem and you're looking for a substance to cure it - what is a politically correct way of saying 'fucked'?


sorry but any substance that fixes your self esteem will not fix the reason why you need help. so you need to find a deeper solution my friend. there are many ways to connect with yourself and find you are enough, the thing is to find one that suits one and that you will practice.


1. Volunteering for something you believe in or are passionate about

2. Friends that can help you learn to laugh at yourself

3. Taking social risks i.e. Say hello and introduce yourself to people you have never met before (ex: in a grocery store, walking down the street) 

4. List the things you are self conscious about or don't like about yourself and for each one determine whether it's something you can change or not. If you can/want to change it make a detailed plan on how to achieve it. If you can't change it, find a reason to love that quality or characteristic of yourself.


Goalsetting. We tend to trust people who keep their promises. Goalsetting and subtask are promises you set yourself. When you reach them you tick the box. Slowly but surely you build upp a wall of self-confidence (self-trust) when you realize you keep the promises you set yourself. Start with something small, set a few goals for the day you´ll know you´ll keep like: Make the bed, brush my teeth, have breakfast, have lunch, take a walk, call mom etc. and then tick each box as you proceed through the day. After a few weeks of this you graduate to something bigger. But start small.


There are many avenues. Nutrition and excercise must be top priority so you can at least have a stable baseline to inject supplements/substances to develop your tastes/desires out of life. Once basic needs have been met, there are tons of things to take to augment your state of mind. The sky is (practically) the limit, here.


1 person before said this: tryptophan. 'It is essential in humans, meaning the body cannot synthesize it and thus it must be obtained from the diet. This nootropic is also a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin and the hormone melatonin.' -[wiki]... so you get a relatively constant level of serotonin during the day and then it facilitates the production of melatonin at night-- which would help stabilize mood and has been used to treat ADHD & depression -[webmd]. wiki also warns about taking it with antidepressants because the combination may cause serotonin syndrome (typically caused by use of two or more serotonergic medications/drugs, symptoms range from high body temperature to seizures)


Lots of people here said tryptophan... which is an amino acid that you can get from any complete protein. Supposedly, you need 20g of protein in the morning just to get the necessary tryptophan for your feel good serotonin. Just another option!


LSD due to ego loss, could potentially lead to a lower self esteem, especially if your previous esteem is based in ego. Try sound technology meditations with self hypnosis or subliminal' they work if you have some consistency with their use!


No mean or ill intention intended, but, kindly, remove head from own posterior. In as short as possible, focus on direct experience and its analysis and stop routing all experience as something to be filtered through you, it's unnecessary, painful - clearly, and utterly egocentric. As long as 'self-esteem' is a comparative value derived from comparing self with another you're working on in order to get/feel X, you'll remain lacking.


There are no magic bullet solutions to noogenic neurosis. If you have a mental illness then pills can help but it isn't going to solve all your problems. Confidence is a skill that takes practice. It isn't something a pill can supply to make everything better. It will take work.


Cognitive behavioral therapy and read lots of books (Confidence Gap, Feeling Good, Chimp Paradox, Psycho-Cybernetics, Charisma Myth, Do It Scared (Scott Allen), and books on mindfulness).

Try adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng, reishi, rhodiola, ashwagandha, or bacopa

Reddit, Quora, and Selfhacked also have a wealth of knowledge on the topics you listed. 

Watch various Ted talks on lifestyle/psychology, try various diets (ketogenic, paleo, auto-immune, lectin avoidance, adrenal regenerating), and check for vitamin/mineral/hormone deficiencies.

Definitely do these everyday:

- Practice stoic principles (sacrifice comforts regularly, prepare for the worst, subtract attachments, etc)

- Mindfulness, vipassana, somatic, progressive relaxtion, and/or metta meditation

- Daily exercise or frequent HIIT exercise

- Gratitude journal (5-minute journal is good)

- Positive affirmations

- Try to seek out discomfort and use them as an opportunity

- See the gold in people and help others out

Wish you the best on your journey!


self-esteem and confidence comes from going out of your comfort zone and pushing into the unknown, but when you start from zero (as i have recently been doing), it's ok to--and you should--start with tiny victories. Like cleaning your room or going for a 5 minute run. In these cases self esteem is like a fire, you start out with a tiny spark and then grow it into something where you're able to find enough momentum to do things like go out and try new and "scarier" things. 

Another part of self-esteem is enacting your will. Overthinking things when coupled with too little action will cripple you. This is again where doing tiny things just to get action started will help you start shifting your mindset. 

If you don't know what actions you like yet that will bring you confidence, the task now is to explore and figure that out for yourself as part of just being someone in charge of being in your human body in this lifetime.

I might sound super poetic but I suffer from low self esteem a lot too, and I'm finding this helping me after having spent quite some time trying to figure out this question.

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