Whats a good nootropic or stack for a professional gamer and gambler and millionaire?
aniracetam, piracetam & centrophenoxine on social / negotiation / deal making days, oxiracetam, piracetam & centro on planning / accounting days, modafinil /phenylpiracetam on 'getting things done' days and so far are good for nootropics for gamers and any people who are in need of fast reaction, self control e.t.c.
Ubiquinol is a reduced form ( = better bioavailability) of Coenzyme Q10, find more info at reddit. Improves cellular, mitochondional energy production. A person over 30 feels less tired than they normally would, it has an energy level increasing effect without the uncomfortable restlessness caused by stimulants (like coffee or ginseng).

The body's own Q10 production only begins to dwindle after about 30 years of age, so for people younger than that it likely has no noticeable effect (feel free to try, of course).
Get enough rest and get proper nutrition first and foremost.
Stay light on stimulants and heavy on cognitive enhancers. Gentler the better at that age
Piracetam, caffeine makes me way better in competitive games.
Nootropic drugs are to learning not to wasting time with mobs farming. Sport make body fresh. Any way you want to wast time faster yep? Yes, Im plaing online games 24/7 and this is still just an addiction and time wasting. Bye I dont have time because drop rate 200%.

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